24-Hour Emergency Glass Service: What To Expect

What To Expect For 24-Hour Emergency Glass Services

Hopefully you’ll never need 24-hour emergency glass repair, but if you do, it’s important that you have a trusted professional in your corner. Keep your local repair expert’s after-hours number saved in your phone.   Available around the clock, even on weekends and holidays, your emergency team knows that glass doesn’t work on a 9-to-5 […]

Wavy Windows?

Wavy Windows

Vintage and antique windows are easy to spot: They look wavy and distorted. A lot of homeowners adore the charm of these “wavy windows,” but it’s also a good indication they are probably subpar when it comes to insulation.   You’ll most often find wavy windows in homes built before the 20th century, although glass […]

5 Reasons Shower Doors Make Awesome Gifts

5 Reasons Shower Doors Make Awesome Gifts

Shower doors might not be the most obvious of holiday gifts, but think about it. If you’re considering them as a gift this season, it’s probably because the intended recipient has been complaining about ugly, old or even broken doors for a while. A bathroom should be an escape and an oasis, but it’s pretty […]

Glass & Mirror Shop Superstitions Busted

Your local glass and mirror shop is well-versed in restoring vintage pieces, providing emergency services and dispelling myths about glass and mirror superstitions. In the world of good luck/bad luck, glass and mirrors have played a big role. Perhaps one of the most famous American myths is that breaking a mirror means seven years of […]

Protect Shower Doors When You Have a Full House

Protect Shower Doors When You Have A Full House

Check to be sure your shower doors are in good shape if you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year. When you have company, sometimes you feel like your shower door should be a revolving door! House guests might be rougher on shower doors and windows than you are, so if your glass has been in need of […]

24-Hour Emergency Glass & Halloween Mischief

24 Hour Emergency Glass and Halloween Mischief

  Along with candy and pumpkins, 24-hour emergency glass services might end up part of your Halloween this year. Both residential and commercial glass can be targets, purposefully or not, for Halloween mischief. The spookiest night of the year often comes with an increase in petty crimes like vandalism. It’s easy for a prank to […]

Tips To Keep Windows Secure

Tips to Keep Windows Secure

Having lots of big windows in your home or business is always considered a plus! Windows let in natural light, which has a host of aesthetic and health benefits, they make a space look larger and they can dramatically increase the value of a home or building. However, not all windows are created equally, especially […]

Shower Door Care Tips

Glass Shower Door Care Tips

You want to choose a shower door that’s easy to care for and will stand up against even the longest, most demanding showers (like when you’re washing off after your Warrior Dash mud run). Today’s shower glass is safety glass, meaning that if it ever breaks, which is rare, it shatters into gummy pieces instead […]

Table Tops/Shelving

Table Tops and Shelving Salt Lake City Utah

Make the finishing touch on your most loved  furniture really shine. A stunning glass table topper is the perfect crowning jewel for a dining table, accent table, coffee table or of course wet bar. Easy to clean, complementary to all other materials and unable to stain like woods, it’s the perfect choice for any part […]