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Uh, oh—are you really in for seven years of bad luck if you have a broken mirror or glass piece? Not when you have Murray Glass on your side. As Utah’s leader in glass and mirror repair,
there’s no chip, break or crack that we can’t handle. However, for our superstitious neighbors, you might want to know that the “bad luck” fable came from the Romans during a time when mirrors were extremely expensive. Luckily, these days if you go to the right repair shop, it’s actually pretty cost effective to repair most damaged mirrors. There you go—bad luck diverted.

Plus, in many cultures, it’s still believed that breaking glass is a good omen. For example, in the Jewish culture you’ll likely hear a Mazel tov when glass breaks even if it’s not during a wedding and in Romania you’ll get a hearty Good luck! from a broken glass. However, what really goes into glass repair these days and how can you restore your treasure back to its original state (or better)?

Breaking it Down

Many people wonder, “Can’t you just melt it back together?” but that’s actually nearly impossible to do. In fact, if that’s the only option it’s usually cheaper, faster and easier to just replace the glass. However, there’s an in-between option to consider. First, you need to figure out if it can be repaired at a reasonable price, and that’s where Murray Glass steps up to the plate. The value of the glass needs to be determined—is it an heirloom? Does it hold a special meaning for you? Would it be a big deal if the glass itself was replaced?

In the case of heirlooms and the like, don’t go with just any glass repair person. You need a specialist who promises high quality results. Don’t try Googling DIY glass repair if you really want professional results. You’ll find plenty of “glass repair kits” at the hardware store and special glues that promise the world, and those can work in a pinch if you’re just feeling crafty and don’t really care about how the glass looks. However, just like you wouldn’t repair a dent in your car yourself, you don’t want to be flippant if you truly care about a broken piece of glass or mirror.

Let Us Take a Crack at It

Murray Glass is the premier glass and mirror repair company in Salt Lake City, Utah and areas from Utah to Weber County and from Summit to Tooele County. We’ll treat your valuable glass and mirrors like you would (unless of course you’re the one who accidentally broke them—in that case, we’ll treat them like a museum curator would). We understand that mistakes happen and breaking your grandmother’s mirror is directly linked to broken hearts. We get it, we care and we’re committed to doing everything possible to salvage your piece and make it good as new.

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