Welcome to Murray Glass of Salt Lake City, Utah

Murray Glass is Salt Lake City’s leader for all your home and business window, glass and mirror needs. From shower doors to commercial glass, our certified glass installers are trained, passionate and on call around the clock for you. We install gorgeous and durable glass from new construction through remodeling to replacing a broken window. Our neighbors deserve fast and high quality products and replacements so their property doesn’t just look flawless—it shines. Glass walls and doors are showstoppers, but they’re also prone to wear and tear—as well as being magnets for the neighborhood kids’ baseballs. Windows in your home or commercial space don’t just provide a cushy environment and front row seat to your landscape, but are also one of the easiest access points for burglars and are vulnerable during rough weather.

We provide emergency glass repair and replacement 24/7 because we know some jobs just can’t wait. At Murray Glass, our glass repair services are guaranteed. Each of our technicians goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your property looks better than ever.

The Custom Touch

Want custom tabletops, shower doors, or a one of a kind painted glass backsplash? Custom touches are our specialty. Murray Glass has built a reputation on excellence, and it all starts with understanding exactly what customers want—and delivering exactly what you’ve dreamt of. If you’re in need of an update and aren’t sure where to start, we’re happy to help. With a variety of glass options in all textures, colors and styles, we can help guide you towards the ultimate, unique design that’s a perfect complement to existing décor (or a standout piece on its own).

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors aren’t just great accent pieces for a home, they’re also a decorator’s favorite tool for opening up space, making interior spaces look bigger and brighter, and helping with the flow between rooms. Whether you want to add custom glass pieces or need a favorite panel repaired, Murray Glass has you covered. Here, there’s no such thing as bad luck for a chipped, cracked or broken mirror—it’s just an excuse to transition your mirrors and take your pieces from good to outstanding. Whether it’s glass or mirrors, if it’s for your home or business, Murray Glass is at your service. We offer years of experience, handcrafted touches and plenty of testimonials from happy customers just like you in the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas. As a family owned business, we take pride in serving you and giving you the best possible quality windows, mirrors, and more. When you take a shine to something, it’s worth protecting, preserving and having it designed just how you like it. There’s no job too big or small..