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Do Your Windows Need Reglazing?

Do Your Windows Need Reglazing

Glazing is what holds window panes in place. Keeping glass panes secure and insulated is the key to a durable window, and that’s what the glazing does. Have you noticed a chilly draft in one of your rooms? Do you hear a rattling noise on windy days? Your windows may need to be reglazed, or […]

Myths About Windows

Myths About Windows

The three biggest myths about windows are: upgrading your windows is too expensive, going energy-efficient is a scam and the job will take too long. A reputable glass installation and repair shop works within a homeowner’s budget, and today’s green models offer a much sweeter ROI than first-generation efficient windows. Are you putting off a […]

Common Reasons Windows Break

Common Reasons Windows Break

The most common cause of house windows breaking might surprise you. Most people think it’s a baseball or golf ball that’s responsible for a broken window, but that’s actually a rarity. Burglars breaking windows is also relatively uncommon. The real perpetrator behind broken windows is usually yard maintenance.   It’s a lot easier to blame […]

What Are European Shower Doors?

What Are European Shower Doors

European shower doors are a sign of luxury that can instantly increase the value of a home. Increasingly in the U.S., European shower doors are called “frameless shower doors,” which is what makes them so special — they don’t have that metal frame that boxes in the glass, allowing for bathrooms that look bigger, brighter […]

Shower Door Buildup Solutions

Shower Door Buildup Solutions

Nothing compares to sleek, clean, frameless shower doors that go all the way to the ceiling. However, right after that first shower in a renovated bathroom, you might regret choosing those clear shower doors. Because they show hard water buildup, soap scum and splatters of shampoo and conditioner, clear shower doors are by far the […]

Glass and Mirror Shop Fun Facts

Glass and Mirror Shop Fun Facts

Your glass and mirror shop experts are full of fun facts about the history of their beloved products. Did you know that mirrors can turn you into a time traveler? It’s known as the Casimir effect, and you just need two mirrors placed in a vacuum a couple of centimeters apart. It creates a quantum […]

24-Hour Emergency Glass Service: What To Expect

What To Expect For 24-Hour Emergency Glass Services

Hopefully you’ll never need 24-hour emergency glass repair, but if you do, it’s important that you have a trusted professional in your corner. Keep your local repair expert’s after-hours number saved in your phone.   Available around the clock, even on weekends and holidays, your emergency team knows that glass doesn’t work on a 9-to-5 […]

Wavy Windows?

Wavy Windows

Vintage and antique windows are easy to spot: They look wavy and distorted. A lot of homeowners adore the charm of these “wavy windows,” but it’s also a good indication they are probably subpar when it comes to insulation.   You’ll most often find wavy windows in homes built before the 20th century, although glass […]

5 Reasons Shower Doors Make Awesome Gifts

5 Reasons Shower Doors Make Awesome Gifts

Shower doors might not be the most obvious of holiday gifts, but think about it. If you’re considering them as a gift this season, it’s probably because the intended recipient has been complaining about ugly, old or even broken doors for a while. A bathroom should be an escape and an oasis, but it’s pretty […]

Protect Shower Doors When You Have a Full House

Protect Shower Doors When You Have A Full House

Check to be sure your shower doors are in good shape if you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year. When you have company, sometimes you feel like your shower door should be a revolving door! House guests might be rougher on shower doors and windows than you are, so if your glass has been in need of […]