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Make the finishing touch on your most loved  furniture really shine. A stunning glass table topper is the perfect crowning jewel for a dining table, accent table, coffee table or of course wet bar. Easy to clean, complementary to all other materials and unable to stain like woods, it’s the perfect choice for any part of the home. Plus, the transparent nature of glass opens up rooms, making them seem larger. Glass never goes out of style, and there aren’t “trends” that will date your furniture, so there’s never a worry over the right stain, shade or brushing.

For those who have a gorgeous table base but want to update the overall look, nothing makes a bigger statement at a more cost effective price than glass. Available in a variety of weights and able to be laser cut to your specifications, it’s simple to swap out glass table tops on a whim. Prefer to make that coffee table an oval instead of a square? Looking for customized etching for a one of a kind piece? With glass, anything is possible.

Storage Galore

Glass is a table’s natural accoutrement, but it’s also a prime material for shelving. Instantly enjoy more storage and showcase space with the addition of glass shelving. There’s a reason it’s the favorite choice for sleek spas and jewelry shops—glass is classic, stylish, sleek and simple to clean. Unlike woods and metals that need polishing and are prone to scratches, glass simply needs a quick wipe to keep it clean.

As an added bonus, glass isn’t a scene stealer as a shelving material. It lets your décor accessories shine, from fine china to that collection of antique bottles or first edition books. It can be custom made to be surprisingly lightweight, or thicker slabs of glass can guarantee a safe place for your heaviest of keepsakes.

Making a Statement

Forget dark, heavy and foreboding table tops and shelves that make rooms look smaller. Lighten things up with glass, which is like those perfect diamond earrings that offset a stunning little black dress. It’s the ultimate choice that not only highlights your taste, but is also efficient. Nothing is simpler to clean, longer lasting and works so perfectly with any and all décor.

Take it above and beyond with a customized glass piece that’s cut with precision to match your exact needs and specifications. Who says you can’t have exactly what you want at an affordable price? With glass inclusions, going custom has never been easier or more enjoyable. A qualified glass tech will work with virtually any budget to create just what you’ve been dreaming of, from table tops to shelving.

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