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You’re obviously the fairest of them all, but that can be tough to remember when your mirrors are broken, chipped, discolored or you simply don’t have enough in your home or business to be reminded. However, at Murray Glass we know that mirrors just aren’t the ultimate accessory for vanity (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Mirrors have long been a decorator’s favorite trick for enlarging and brightening a space. The right accent mirrors can lead you from room to room while an artfully designed mirrored shelf can showcase retail products or home accessories like no other.

Our fellow Wasatch Front residents deserve the luxury that only quality mirrors can provide. That’s why we offer the best brands and manufacturers, including local companies, and we also provide custom mirror services so you can bring your vision to reality. Fancy a one of a kind coffee table featuring a glass top with those 70s gold veins? You’ve got it—your wish is our command.

Reflection Time

There are probably more types of mirrors than you can imagine, which is why we have our mirror experts on hand around the clock for you. “Silvered mirrors” are fairly common. They’re designed via tempered or annealed glass which is brushed on a conveyor belt during manufacturing. During the tin chloride solution, silver is deposited—that’s what gives mirrors that silver hue. Who knew you had such precious metal adorning your home and office?

However, silver isn’t your only option. There are also truly clear mirrors that feature a silver backing along with paint and copper. This is by far the most popular and traditional option for those in Salt Lake City, Utah and around the country. An “ultra clear mirror” can be created with less iron, minimizing the slight green hue that most clear mirrors feature—these mirrors are a must when absolute clarity is required, such as an all-white interior space.

Custom Options

At Murray Glass, we also offer antiqued mirrors which feature tints and coatings to give an aged “shabby chic” look. You can also choose a concave mirror, which curves inward to create bigger reflections. Convex mirrors, of course, do the opposite and are great for decor or for spaces like garages to help see oncoming traffic around corners.

Additional options include laminated mirrors created with clear glass, safety backed mirrors for extra durability, “two way mirrors” (also known as transparent) and pyrolytic mirrors. Pyrolytic are very reflective and a great choice for shower doors or anywhere moisture can be a problem with silvered options.

Ready to take a look? When it comes to mirrors, Murray Glass is your go-to resource.


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