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Glass Block Windows: Best Places to Put Them in Your Home

Glass Block Windows: Best Places to Put Them in Your Home

Have you ever thought about glass block windows and their appeal? In today’s blog, wonder no more. Not only are they visually and aesthetically appealing, but there are also several benefits to using them in your home. Read on to learn more.

What Are Glass Block Windows?

Common in basements and bathrooms, glass block windows are translucent, thick blocks of glass that enable light to flood into the room, but without people being able to see through them. Comparable to masonry, they offer greater security and allow light in and prying eyes out. Before the 1950s, most homes were built with only a bathtub and no shower, so a window above the tub was an easy way to increase sunlight and circulation. When showers were invented, however, the wood frames around the windows would often rot. This was when glass block windows were born.

Best Places for Glass Block Windows

As mentioned above, the most common places to put glass block windows are the bathroom and basement. Nevertheless, these windows can go pretty much anywhere. Here are the best places in which a block glass window offers several advantages.

Garage Windows

Since garages are typically quite dark when closed, it makes sense to have some lighting, other than just the garage lights. Installing a glass block window instantly brightens up space but allows for privacy as well. You can choose the size, design, colors, or even customize the etchings to give your garage a facelift. A back or front window allows for ample sunlight to filter in, without walker-bys seeing inside your garage as they would a traditional window.

Shower Doors

The ultimate look in design and privacy, a glass block window is ideal for the shower. Instead of worrying whether the kids will walk in on you showering and seeing things they shouldn’t, you can shower in peace and privacy. Best, the design of a block window can transform the look of your bathroom and increase its value.

Basement Windows

Basements can be dreary without windows, but traditional basement windows can crack or leak, inviting flooding, as well as damage from critters or kids. A glass block window, is, therefore, a great choice for basement windows. Again, it offers privacy and light but adds a security measure that you can’t find with traditional windows. It’s much stronger and durable, so you can expect it to last longer too.

Wet Bars

For an upscale, trendy look, install glass block windows in your wet bar. You can cover up your bottles of wine, champaign, or other spirits with a classic design that makes your wet bar look classy and elegant. Plus, it can obscure the alcohol, so curious little minds or teens don’t get too curious, and you have a problem.

Considering Glass Block Windows?

This by no means is a complete list of where you can install glass block windows, but hopefully, it will get you thinking about its benefits. For more information, we invite you to contact Murray Glass today. We serve Salt Lake, Weber, Summit, Tooele, and Utah County with exceptional customer service, offering only the best in glass products and services.

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