European Shower Glass

Murray Glass, European Shower Door GlassEuropean shower glass is a stunning addition to any bathroom.

Frameless with swinging doors, European shower glass adds a touch of luxury and sophistication while making any bathroom look bigger and brighter. The frameless design accentuates the style’s clean lines and allows for more natural light. Swinging doors are a high-end option that many homeowners find easier to open and close — and to clean.

Take your European shower glass all the way to the ceiling for a dramatic effect. For homes with vaulted ceilings, go for a more nominal height for the best visual effect.

European Shower Glass for a Fast Home Upgrade

Installing European glass increases the value of your home, providing for a great return on investment. According to HGTV, “minor bathroom remodels” offer the greatest ROI at 102%. Shower glass is one of the easiest and most economical upgrades you can make, and it only takes a few hours. Compare installing European shower glass to replacing tile, vanities or major fixtures like a bathtub, and it’s easy to see why they’re such a prime pick for an upgrade.

And, it comes in a variety of finish options. Choose classic clear to allow for maximum light, or opt for a little more privacy with obscure, gray or rain styles. Clear glass is trending right now because it’s classic and makes any room look larger.

All Shapes and Sizes

Is your Salt Lake City bathroom oddly shaped, or have you always dreamed of a unique, luxe shower? European shower glass can be customized to fit almost any size and shape imaginable. Whether you envision a curved glass door that fits into a corner, a hexagon or if you have a custom shape or size in mind, reputable manufacturers can create the perfect design for you.

Swinging doors aren’t just more convenient while looking fantastic, they’re also easier to use. Most homeowners are familiar with sliding shower doors that get off track. It can also be a struggle to clean the pesky parts of the glass that overlap. By design, sliding shower doors aren’t nearly as sturdy as European glass doors and won’t last as long. European glass doors are made from sturdy, heavy, safety glass that’s difficult to damage.

Your Salt Lake City bathroom should be an escape, an oasis, a sheer paradise in your home. It’s amazing what the installation of European shower glass can do to make bathrooms instantly look high-end. Showcase your shower fixtures or that gorgeous tile you picked out. Or highlight that oversized soap dish custom-built into the tile. Contact Murray Glass today and start designing the European shower glass of your dreams.