Custom Glass

You’ve never been one for settling, going with the flow or jumping on the hottest trend. For you, it’s always been about custom. You customize your car, you personalize your haircut
and of course your phone is tricked out to be 100 percent you. Why settle for anything less when it comes to the glass features of your home or office? From painted glass backsplashes in the kitchen and bathroom to stunning unique tabletops or one of a kind shelving, customization is a way of life for you.

At Murray Glass, we’re totally on board. We’ve been coming up with innovative glass and mirror creations for our Utah homes and businesses for years. In fact, we’ve built a reputation on it. Sure, we offer the best manufactured products, but our passion runs particularly deep when it comes to your pet projects. It doesn’t matter if you want a shower door etched to reflect your love of hunting or a table top that’s made to look like a pineapple.

If you can dream it, we can do it.

What Makes You Unique?

The sky really is the limit when you have Murray Glass on your team. If it’s glass or mirrors to be featured in a particular spot, we’ll work with you to achieve it. However, it’s not all about standing out—quality is still a major pillar. We only work with the best materials and hire the most skilled experts so that your original design isn’t just an eye catcher, it’s also built to last. A pineapple shaped tabletop (or whatever you like) might not be everyone’s idea of awesome, but everyone will definitely admit to the quality of the artisanship.

Murray Glass is known for creating and restoring heirlooms, and that’s likely what your creation will become. It’s not “just” a means of expression, but it’s a way to capture your style and a moment in your life. It’s a keepsake, and we honor that with every artful glazing, cutting, etching or polishing. We’re the tools that bring your vision to life—but you’re still very much the visionary.

But Can You Do This…

Whatever it is, the answer is likely yes. Our neighbors in Salt Lake City, Utah or nearby counties are some pretty creative folks. Murray Glass experts count themselves lucky to be at the helm of some incredible projects. Whether it’s a hand-crafted backsplash or an ornate glass door featuring scenes from Robert Frost quotes, customized glass is one of the most beautiful ways to make your home or business truly yours.

You believe in going big or going home, and we’re right there with you. Let us know what you have brewing, and we’ll tell you exactly how we’re going to achieve it.