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Choosing the Right Type of Shower Door

Choosing the Right Type of Shower Door

Gone are the days of a boring shower curtain that needs regular cleaning and sanitizing. Even the smallest, oldest bathrooms are being upgraded with the luxury of glass shower doors. Have you checked out all the modern choices of glass shower doors? There are so many more choices than your parents had, and Murray Glass loves to help customers find the perfect fit for their individual bathrooms.

No matter your bathroom situation–tub and shower combo, standing shower with a curtain or frosted glass door, sliding glass doors, or even the cheap plastic screens–Murray Glass wants to help you create a better bathroom.

Today we’re sharing a few different styles of shower door to help you consider an upgrade that could transform your bathroom.

  • Framed Glass: A framed glass shower door is a classic option that works well in a classic or contemporary bathroom. This is an affordable option that works well with a long shower or long-set bathroom. The framed glass can be a sliding track or folding. Sliding glass doors can be a great option if your bathroom is narrow, or if you’re converting a tub and shower duo into a walk-in shower for a bathroom remodel.
  • Frameless Glass Shower: If you’re looking for a truly modern look, or going for a full bathroom remodel, you can’t do better than the frameless glass shower. Surrounded on 2-3 sides with frameless glass, this style of shower is a show stopper. It can really open up a room and creates a very luxurious feel in your bathroom.
  • Bifold Glass Doors: If you have a corner bathroom, it can feel like you have no options, but a bifold glass shower door can be a game changer. It can fold into the shower, which allows you extra space along the exterior of the shower for vanities, hooks, benches, tubs, or other bathroom elements that wouldn’t fit with a standard swinging or sliding door. This is a great option for maximizing your small space or oddly shaped bathroom.
  • Hexagonal Frameless: You may have noticed these stunning showers in the high-end magazines and Pinterest boards, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of your price range. A hexagonal frame is the best option for a very large bathroom or a shower with multiple shower heads on different walls. It creates the largest possible space for your walk-in shower.
  • Custom Glass Shower Door: With any of your glass shower door choices you’ll be able to choose the exact type and style of glass you want to use. If privacy is important to you, frosted glass can be used. Tinted or even etched glass can give a special design element to your bathroom that can liven up a dull space. It’s all up to you.

Murray Glass is excited to work with you on your bathroom upgrade or remodel, and we stand ready to answer any questions or consult about your bathroom needs.


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