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Glass Shower Doors

This is your space—how are you going to define it? Your bathroom isn’t just a place to primp for date night or get ready for the daily commute. It’s an oasis, a paradise, a spa where you can relax, unwind and give yourself a little pampering.
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Commercial Glass

Taking care of business doesn’t end when you punch out or snag that big client. If you own or manage commercial property, it’s paramount that you take both aesthetics and safety into account. You don’t want your commercial space to look like a
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Glass Walls & Doors

At Murray Glass we specialize in everything glass related, whether you’re looking for a brand new glass door installation, repairs or to design a one of a kind glass wall to create the ultimate Wasatch Front dream home. Unlike other glass features in your home, walls and doors need to be equal parts strength and beauty. Particularly with doors, this is an entryway to your home or business—it’s where you need to feel safe. The right glass (and installation) can make that happen. Breaking the glass ceiling is a good thing—but breaking glass walls and doors? That’s when you need to call in the experts.

With glass walls, you need to ensure they don’t easily crack, chip or break. Nothing ruins the luxury of a unique home feature like poor quality. No matter what you have in mind, from pebbled interior doorways to frosted glass walls separating your dining room from the kitchen, Murray Glass will make it happen. Our experts are on call to help our customers craft the perfect glass walls or doors for every taste and style.

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

If you’re just dipping your toe into the possibility of adding a little more glass (that’s “class” with a “g”) to your home, you’ll be surprised at today’s technology and craftsmanship. There are highly advanced operable glass wall systems, folding glass walls and glass doors that can be hand sketched to feature anything you like from the family crest to the Wasatch Front’s stunning mountain range.

However, it all starts with choosing the best quality at a price that fits your budget. At Murray Glass, we provide a big selection of styles, frames, materials and options from the best manufacturers around the world—however, we must admit we hold a special place in our heart (and inventory) for fellow local companies that manufacture some seriously high quality goods.

Once You Go Glass, It’s Built to Last

Interior glass doors and windows are a stunning way to show off your goods whether you own a car showroom or want to show off your impeccable home design skills. Plus, glass opens up any space making it look instantly brighter and larger. In an era of open floor plans, everyone could use just a little more openness. Tear down those walls and live a little with glass features.

Murray Glass pros have a knack for helping our customers design striking spaces that fit with your budget and complement your flair. Everyone knows a little transparency (and a little “see through”) is enticing—why not include those elements in your home and business?


You’re obviously the fairest of them all, but that can be tough to remember when your mirrors are broken, chipped, discolored or you simply don’t have enough in your home or business to be reminded. However, at Murray Glass we know that mirrors just aren’t the ultimate accessory for vanity (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Mirrors have long been a decorator’s favorite trick for enlarging and brightening a space. The right accent mirrors can lead you from room to room while an artfully designed mirrored shelf can showcase retail products or home accessories like no other.

Our fellow Wasatch Front residents deserve the luxury that only quality mirrors can provide. That’s why we offer the best brands and manufacturers, including local companies, and we also provide custom mirror services so you can bring your vision to reality. Fancy a one of a kind coffee table featuring a glass top with those 70s gold veins? You’ve got it—your wish is our command.

Reflection Time

There are probably more types of mirrors than you can imagine, which is why we have our mirror experts on hand around the clock for you. “Silvered mirrors” are fairly common. They’re designed via tempered or annealed glass which is brushed on a conveyor belt during manufacturing. During the tin chloride solution, silver is deposited—that’s what gives mirrors that silver hue. Who knew you had such precious metal adorning your home and office?

However, silver isn’t your only option. There are also truly clear mirrors that feature a silver backing along with paint and copper. This is by far the most popular and traditional option for those in Salt Lake City, Utah and around the country. An “ultra clear mirror” can be created with less iron, minimizing the slight green hue that most clear mirrors feature—these mirrors are a must when absolute clarity is required, such as an all-white interior space.

Custom Options

At Murray Glass, we also offer antiqued mirrors which feature tints and coatings to give an aged “shabby chic” look. You can also choose a concave mirror, which curves inward to create bigger reflections. Convex mirrors, of course, do the opposite and are great for decor or for spaces like garages to help see oncoming traffic around corners.

Additional options include laminated mirrors created with clear glass, safety backed mirrors for extra durability, “two way mirrors” (also known as transparent) and pyrolytic mirrors. Pyrolytic are very reflective and a great choice for shower doors or anywhere moisture can be a problem with silvered options.

Ready to take a look? When it comes to mirrors, Murray Glass is your go-to resource.



Talk about a window of opportunity—there’s a reason there are so many quotes, lyrics, poems and quips about windows. It’s literally your “window” to the outside world, providing a frame for the ever-changing art of your home and office. However, it’s also a key point of vulnerability, especially when the windows aren’t well maintained. Plus, they can raise or lower energy bills, protect you (or not) from the sun’s harmful UV rays and dictate just how bright and large a room seems.

Windows have a lot of power and it’s time you took it back. Whether for your home or business, every Salt Lake City area resident deserves a few things in windows. First, you and your loved ones are worth proper insulation which might include double- or triple-paned glass, reinforced glass and a snug fitting frame that doesn’t let out that cool air in the summer or toasty heat in the winter.

You deserve the basics, yes. But you could also have so much more.

Window Pain

Many people adore vintage windows because of the “waves,” but don’t realize an outdated window isn’t just raising your energy bill, it’s also a danger hotspot. Old windows are easy to break (whether on purpose or not) and can lead to serious injury if someone accidentally falls through one—like your child or a guest. Today’s high quality windows are reinforced to minimize damage and also keep burglars at bay. They can even be equipped with a perfectly fitting film that enhances UV protection so you can read at your window seat without worrying about fine lines and wrinkles.

Window pain is a very real thing especially for your wallet—but the right window panes can make all the difference. Murray Glass professionals know exactly what it takes to nail that balance between good looks and smarts. With a customized frame and windows impeccably cut to your specifications, a nearly air-tight seal can be achieved. You choose the styling, materials and dimensions, and we’ll take care of the heavy lifting.

Options Galore

Whether you want an accent window added to your home or floor to ceiling windows for a massive commercial space, we do it all at Murray Glass. Plus, we understand that you need to have it all. A window should be beautiful, but it also needs to be secure and a major component of your bill-lowering strategy. That’s why we offer a selection of glass and frames, including vinyl windows, from the leading manufacturers, including some of Salt Lake City’s own window gurus.

Looking for something that’s truly unique—a genuine “window” to your soul of style? That’s where we really shine. Your window can be 100 percent personalized from the handcrafted etching to the shading on the frames.

Table Tops/Shelving

Make the finishing touch on your most loved  furniture really shine. A stunning glass table topper is the perfect crowning jewel for a dining table, accent table, coffee table or of course wet bar. Easy to clean, complementary to all other materials and unable to stain like woods, it’s the perfect choice for any part of the home. Plus, the transparent nature of glass opens up rooms, making them seem larger. Glass never goes out of style, and there aren’t “trends” that will date your furniture, so there’s never a worry over the right stain, shade or brushing.

For those who have a gorgeous table base but want to update the overall look, nothing makes a bigger statement at a more cost effective price than glass. Available in a variety of weights and able to be laser cut to your specifications, it’s simple to swap out glass table tops on a whim. Prefer to make that coffee table an oval instead of a square? Looking for customized etching for a one of a kind piece? With glass, anything is possible.

Storage Galore

Glass is a table’s natural accoutrement, but it’s also a prime material for shelving. Instantly enjoy more storage and showcase space with the addition of glass shelving. There’s a reason it’s the favorite choice for sleek spas and jewelry shops—glass is classic, stylish, sleek and simple to clean. Unlike woods and metals that need polishing and are prone to scratches, glass simply needs a quick wipe to keep it clean.

As an added bonus, glass isn’t a scene stealer as a shelving material. It lets your décor accessories shine, from fine china to that collection of antique bottles or first edition books. It can be custom made to be surprisingly lightweight, or thicker slabs of glass can guarantee a safe place for your heaviest of keepsakes.

Making a Statement

Forget dark, heavy and foreboding table tops and shelves that make rooms look smaller. Lighten things up with glass, which is like those perfect diamond earrings that offset a stunning little black dress. It’s the ultimate choice that not only highlights your taste, but is also efficient. Nothing is simpler to clean, longer lasting and works so perfectly with any and all décor.

Take it above and beyond with a customized glass piece that’s cut with precision to match your exact needs and specifications. Who says you can’t have exactly what you want at an affordable price? With glass inclusions, going custom has never been easier or more enjoyable. A qualified glass tech will work with virtually any budget to create just what you’ve been dreaming of, from table tops to shelving.