4 Different Types Of Windows

The 4 Different Types Of Windows

Are you in the process of building a home? You’ve got a million choices to make and one of those is which type of windows to install. The process can be overwhelming, but rest assured that there is a type of window that will best suit your home and..

What A Glass Wall Can Do For Your Commercial Space

What A Glass Wall Can Do For Your Commercial Space

You may feel a lot of pressure when designing your commercial space. Your primary goal is to create an environment where whatever business you want to achieve can be done in an effective and comfortable setting. You also want to create an inviting sp..

Best Ways To Get Your Mirrors Squeaky Clean

It’s a common rule when it comes to interior decorating — add mirrors to open up spaces and create more light. But how well is a mirror going to brighten a room if it’s totally dingy? Not very well. If you’re using mirrors in your home, w..

How To Clean Your Glass Shower Door, and Keep It Clean

How To Clean Your Glass Shower Door

There is nothing quite like incorporating interior glass doors into your home.  Not only do they make a room feel more open, but they add a beauty and elegance that can only come from glass. You may choose to incorporate your interior glass doors by..

Triple Pane Windows

Triple Pane Windows

If you’ve recently consider replacing your windows, you know there are a few options to consider and choices to be made. As you think about your exterior windows or even exterior glass doors, you may be wondering what triple pane windows are and if..