Keeping it Glassy

You think you know glass products and services. It’s easy to clean. It’s (usually) clear, but can be customized to be just about any color. And it instantly provides an element of sleekness. But what is glass really, how is it made and why is it ..

3 Reasons Glass Tabletops and Shelves Trump Every Other Material

Here’s the thing about tabletops and shelves—they get food scraps dropped on them. They get wine spilled on them, juice and milk splashes across them, and porous material like wood can ultimately begin to warp under these circumstances. They’re..

Life Hacks: Shower Door Cleaner

When it comes to bathrooms, many people struggle to find a shower door cleaner that leaves their glass doors looking spotless and well maintained. Because the build-up of hard water, soap scum and rust can cause a glass door to appear dirty, dingy an..

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

From mirrored walls to the compact at the makeup counter, mirrors are actually a type of glass. Since the story of Narcissus, mirrors and vanity have gone together like bouffants and hairspray. However, mirrors aren’t just for admiring yourself—a..

Vinyl Window Pro Tips

Just like with shoes, vinyl windows can come in a plethora of qualities—there’s a big difference between Gucci shoes and the knockoffs from the teen store in the mall. The same is true with vinyl windows. Some windows feature “spiral balances,..