4 Benefits of Glass Tabletops

Glass table tops and shelving trump nearly every other surface, including wood and stainless steel. Technically, glass is also a porous material but it won’t slurp up stains like wood, leather or cloth—and with a simple glass sealant, it can be m..

Your Shower Glass’ Mold Problem

How clear are your shower doors really? Many people don’t realize that glass is a porous material, and your shower doors didn’t necessarily come with a sealant to keep that scum, bacteria and fungus out. While mold, including black mold, thrives ..

4 Great Locations for Glass Walls & Doors

Glass walls and doors can provide the perfect balance of privacy and openness, both in residences and commercial spaces. While there are some places where they just don’t make sense—like bathroom walls—many people are surprised by just how many..

Keeping it Glassy

You think you know glass products and services. It’s easy to clean. It’s (usually) clear, but can be customized to be just about any color. And it instantly provides an element of sleekness. But what is glass really, how is it made and why is it ..

3 Reasons Glass Tabletops and Shelves Trump Every Other Material

Here’s the thing about tabletops and shelves—they get food scraps dropped on them. They get wine spilled on them, juice and milk splashes across them, and porous material like wood can ultimately begin to warp under these circumstances. They’re..