Shower Doors Need Replacing?

Many shower doors are the focal points in bathrooms. What does a cracked, scratched, foggy or dirty door say about you and your home? Shower doors don’t always come from the manufacturer equipped with a proper sealant. Glass is actually a porous ma..

Glass Emergency? We Can Help!

You may hope you never need 24-hour emergency glass services, but you should keep the number of a reliable company readily available, just as a precaution. If you’re a business owner or commercial property manager, you do everything possible to kee..

Commercial Shower Doors Need Specialized Care

Commercial shower doors are common in many industries — hotels, truck stops, campgrounds and even some high-tech enterprises that are committed to giving employees everything they need to work around-the-clock. These doors sometimes require special..

5 Ways Windows Protect Your Business

Your business likely has windows, whether it’s an office space, retail shop or industrial warehouse. Windows make for great curb appeal, but they’re good for much more than aesthetics. They also help safeguard your business, employees and custome..

Caring for Commercial Windows

Choosing and maintaining commercial windows is vastly different from the process necessary for residential windows. For starters, most commercial windows take up a lot more space — which means having suitable thickness, insulation and “greenness..