Is Glass Repair in Your Future?

Are you going to need glass repair soon? Many times, you can predict when glass is weak and about to break. Obvious signs include chips or tiny cracks. These are telling you that the glass is already broken, although it largely still may be serving i..

Windows for Privacy

Can windows, designed to allow for natural sunlight and high visibility, also promise more privacy? Yes, as long as you know what you’re shopping for and have a quality glass shop to depend on. Today’s glass technology is worlds away from your gr..

Add Mirrors, Add Value

Mirrors have been used for thousands of years to add value and light and to make spaces look bigger in just about any setting. Does that magical trifecta sound like the perfect addition to your business or retail space?..

Frameless Shower Door Benefits

Flip on HGTV, and frameless shower doors are everywhere. It makes sense — they’re sleek, sexy and the best option for showcasing your tile work. The fewer barriers your home has, the bigger it seems. Those old-fashioned shower glass frames made b..

Can Glass Shower Doors Break?

Recently, glass shower doors have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Both ABC News and CBS Chicago recently covered stories about these doors spontaneously breaking. But those breakages are usually a long time coming. Most often, it’s..