Frameless Shower Door Benefits

Flip on HGTV, and frameless shower doors are everywhere. It makes sense — they’re sleek, sexy and the best option for showcasing your tile work. The fewer barriers your home has, the bigger it seems. Those old-fashioned shower glass frames made b..

Can Glass Shower Doors Break?

Recently, glass shower doors have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Both ABC News and CBS Chicago recently covered stories about these doors spontaneously breaking. But those breakages are usually a long time coming. Most often, it’s..

Can the Cold Break Glass?

Anyone who’s had a mug break in the freezer after leaving an icy beverage in there too long knows the answer: Yes! However, when it comes to commercial glass, particularly the variety that’s designed to withstand the elements, breakage usually oc..

Spontaneous Glass Breakage

You may have heard of spontaneous glass breakage, but it’s not as spontaneous as you think. This type of breakage happens when toughened or tempered glass seems to crack or shatter for no reason. But there are always reasons, and one of the most co..

Choosing Your Glass & Mirror Shop

Your go-to glass and mirror shop is one of the most important B2B partnerships you can forge. Many businesses of all sizes feature glass and mirrors throughout their brick-and mortar-establishments. It might be oversized panes in your building, custo..