How Is Colored Glass Made?

You can probably instantly think of a few types of colored glass, from those amber beer bottles to cobalt blue tincture bottles. However, have you ever wondered how it’s made? Are you curious about what other colors are available? A number of mater..

Mirror and Glass Repair Myths

As you take mirror or glass remnants into the pros for repair, you can’t help but think, “Is this bad luck? Do I even believe in all this superstition?” The idea is that breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck, but breaking glass is co..

Shower Door Options

If you’ve ever shopped for shower doors, you know how many options there are! Do you want clear glass or “rain glass”? Frameless or round? Bypass doors, neo-angle or pivot? And if you do go frameless, just how high should you go? The choices ar..

Is Your Shower Door Safe?

Your shower doors can be a focal point of your bathroom if you go with a stunning, floor-to-ceiling frameless option like those featured on HGTV. The lack of a frame makes the shower and the room look bigger, and the style is reminiscent of a luxury ..

Glass & Mirror Replacement: Is It Worth It?

Choosing whether to replace or repair glass or mirrors can be difficult. What’s more financially sound, and is there sentimental value attached? It’s even more challenging when you’re considering antiques. Maybe a beloved heirloom French door n..