Shower Door Care Tips

You want to choose a shower door that’s easy to care for and will stand up against even the longest, most demanding showers (like when you’re washing off after your Warrior Dash mud run). Today’s shower glass is safety glass, meaning that if it..

From Glass Making To Glass Repair

Glass repair can seem like magic to those outside the industry. Glass is an anomaly — tough enough to protect us from raging winter storms yet fragile enough that it shatters relatively easily. It’s transparent, but it’s made from the same kind..

Windows With Maximum Energy Efficiency

You want your windows to be as safe and energy-efficient as possible. Fortunately, the safety part is taken care of if you have newer windows, since the technology to make safety glass that breaks into gummy bits instead of shards has been around for..

Shower Door Glass Options

Clear shower door glass is a classic that will never go out of style, but what if you want something a little different? HD glass has all the same benefits of clear shower doors, including easy maintenance and letting in as much light as possible, bu..

Flint Glass Repair

Should you have flint glass repaired? You might not know it by name, but you would certainly recognize it if you saw it. It’s the glass high-endapple cider often comes in — it’s heavy, thick and usually has gorgeous curves. It’s also known as..