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5 Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your Shower Doors Soap Scum Free

5 Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your Shower Doors Soap Scum Free

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could always keep our shower doors soap scum free? There’s nothing better than walking into a sparkling clean shower.

Check out these cleaning hacks for keeping shower doors clean and sparkling all year long!

  1. Use Dish Soap – Keep a dish wand filled with a mixture of dish soap, drying agent, and water inside your shower. Every time you take a shower, scrub the shower door with the wand and watch the soap scum disappear! Drying the door with a clean microfiber cloth or a squeegee will help keep the shine and limit hard water spots. Dish soap is extremely effective at cutting down on scum. If you don’t have drying agent, try mixing the dish soap with white vinegar. This combination is deadly to soap scum. If you find you need a little more scrubbing power, add some cornstarch, sea salt or epsom salt to the mix.
  2. Go Unconventional – There are a few products out there that aren’t specifically intended for shower doors, but they do an awesome job at eliminating grime and soap scum. Never thought of using windshield treatment products anywhere but your windshield? It’s perfect for repelling water from a shower door. After a thorough cleaning, spray the door with a treatment product and next time you shower, the water will run right off and you won’t have to worry about water spots. The same is true for multi-use products and cooking spray. The oils make your shower door shine and keep water from collecting on the surface. Simply rub them on with a soft cloth after the door has been cleaned.
  3. Clean with Citrus –  Fruits like grapefruits, lemons, limes and oranges contain citrus which is excellent for breaking down soap scum on a variety of surfaces. Try cutting a fruit in half, sprinkle it with sea salt to act as an exfoliant and use it to scrub the shower door. Soap scum won’t stand a chance. If you don’t have any fresh citrus on hand, lemon essential oil can also help scrub away soap buildup.
  4. Try Lemon Scented Furniture Polish– While many products claim to cut back on soap scum, it can be hard to know which ones actually work. Furniture polish is one of the best ones out there and really will leave your shower door sparkling clean while continuing to fight soap scum for months. Simply spray the glass and let it soak for 10-20 minutes before scrubbing it off. Your shower door will sparkle!
  5. Scrub with Dryer Sheets – Dryer sheets contain a lot of ingredients that can cut right through soap scum. Get a dryer sheet wet and scrub away. You’ll be amazed as the buildup disappears.

Shower Doors By Murray Glass

If you’re having a hard time keeping your shower doors soap scum free, it might be time to update or replace it. Murray Glass is the glass provider for what you’ve been looking for. We specialize in installing shower doors, frosted glass windows, mirrors and more. Schedule a consultation to see what we can do for you. We serve Salt Lake, Tooele, Summit, Weber and Utah counties in Utah.

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