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How To Protect a Glass Table

Glass tabletops have been a modern classic that can create light and spaciousness wherever you incorporate them. Glass tabletops are popular for coffee tables, dining tables, side tables, tv stands, and patio furniture. They are a fast way to bring updated style to your home or office, without a major remodel or extensive budget, since glass furniture has a decidedly modern feel. Glass furniture has a plethora of other benefits as well, such as light distribution, decreased weight and visual clutter, easy cleaning and sanitation, and sharp design lines. 

If you have a glass table, or you’re considering incorporating glass furniture into your home, it’s important to educate yourself on keeping your glass table safe and protected. Glass is not as durable or weight-bearing as other materials such as wood, stone, metal, or brick, but that doesn’t mean you need to be afraid of glass furniture shattering constantly.

Today Murray Glass is sharing 5 important tips with you for protecting your glass tables, glass tabletops and surfaces. 

  1. Location. Keeping a glass table in a poorly lit area is almost guaranteeing injury or breakage. Instead, be sure your glass table is located somewhere with lots of natural light so that it’s clearly visible to everyone. In addition, consider moving glass tables away from high-traffic areas or those with small children that will increase the risk of cracks and chips. 
  2. Coasters. It’s just good manners to use coasters when placing a drink on any surface, but with a glass surface, it’s even more critical. Be sure to get enough coasters for everyone to use, and get coasters with a cork base so that any sliding or bumping won’t damage your tabletop. 
  3. Covering. Covering your glass table with a tablecloth for meals or general protection is a smart idea to prevent scratching, staining, and other damage from occurring. Set a soft cloth tablecloth on your glass table and hold it in place with a nice centerpiece while the table is in use, then remove for display when the activity is complete. 
  4. Rubber Pads. Use rubber furniture pads on the legs of your glass table to absorb shocks and vibrations that can occur due to slammed doors, jumping, or other jostling activity. These rubber pads can prevent jarring motions that could potentially shatter your glass tabletop, as well as holding your table firmly in place from any bumps or pushes. 
  5. Clean Regularly. Dust or fine particles of dirt can actually scratch the surface of your glass table, especially if left for long periods of time and encountering pressure from cups, books, plates, or décor. Clean your glass tabletops weekly with a soft microfiber cloth to remove any particles from the surface of the glass and let dry thoroughly for a streak-free shine. 

Although glass tabletops can seem scary, they’re an excellent choice for any home seeking increased style and a lighter visual footprint. Murray Glass can help you use glass to create a home that works for you. 


Three Reasons To Choose Glass

When it comes to your home there are so many routes you can take in terms of design, price, functionality, and materials. You can use your choices to transform an older home, or create a new home with unique taste. What does your home say about you? Could anyone be living there, or does it share your personality? 

Take a walk through your home and try to see it with an outsider’s eyes. What would they see? Is there a lot of white? Wood? Brick or stone? Is your style the modern farmhouse or a more classic contemporary look? Are there areas of your home that feel stale or dark? It could be time to consider adding glass to your home

  1. Light. The first and most compelling reason to bring in glass to your home is the sheer amount of light it can bring into your home. This can be done with the addition of more windows, or larger windows anywhere on the exterior of your home. You can also incorporate glass into doors, both interior and exterior. Glass countertops for tables is another great way to choose glass. Glass can replace wood and give you amplified light in every room of your home. 
  2. Cleanliness. It’s difficult to surpass the clean look of glass. A quick swipe with a microfiber cloth and the occasional splash of glass cleaner will make glass sparkle and shine in a way you will never get with wood, brick, or even stone. If you’re concerned about a clean look or the ability to completely sterilize the surface of a table then glass might be the best possible option for you in your home or kitchen. 
  3. Style. Glass is a rapid way to bring a modern look to your home. The clean lines and sheen of glass is a fresh streak of modern in an outdated home. Lots of glass around your home even has a futuristic appeal. When it comes to your windows, you can go beyond your standard windows and introduce a statement window such as a bay window, or awning window. It can completely change the appearance of your home and create a unique talking point for visitors. 

Glass can transform your home in so many ways, and it isn’t just for your mirrors and windows. Glass is a beautiful and affordable option for every single room in your home, and it can serve many different purposes. If you’re noticing places where you could benefit from more light, or you crave that bright and shiny clean look, or if you’re just tired of the dated style of your home, it’s time to consider new ways to bring the glass in as a major material in your space.

Murray Glass has proudly served Utah for years by supplying quality and custom glass for home projects of all types, and we’d love to help you solve a design or function problem in your home. 


5 Windows to Add Style to Your Home

In today’s world, there are a hundred homes that look a lot like yours. If you live in a developer built community, your whole neighborhood might be slight variations on the same floor plan. How can you add more style, character, and variety to your home? This is essential if you want to sell your home in a neighborhood of similar homes, or if you’ve grown bored and boring in your basic, builder-grade home.

Of course, you can turn to paint or backsplash to update your home, but if you’re serious about adding character to your home you need to go a little further. You don’t need a full scale to remodel, though. Murray Glass can help you introduce some serious style into your home by adding a new style of window.

5 Windows to Add Style to Your Home

  1. Picture Window. Probably the most popular styled window is a stationary, fixed picture window. These windows can be any size or shape and feature fixed, clear and plain glass to give you the very best view. Circular picture windows can be interesting, as can rectangular or other shapes to add new looks.
  2. Transom Window. A transom window is a small window above an existing window or door designed to bring in more light or air flow. A transom can be a simple square or rectangle matching the shape and size or the window or door it’s hung above, or it can be more decorative and inventive depending on your taste.
  3. Bay Windows. Our personal favorite way to update a window area is to create a bay window. By adding in a bay window you not only get great light and views, but you also add in extra space. Bay windows are an excellent addition to a front room, a master bedroom, or to create a breakfast nook.
  4. Garden Windows. Like a bay window, garden windows protrude from the exterior of the home. A garden window is designed to get a lot of light but to protect your plants from exposure outdoors. Garden windows work best when they’re located on a side of your home that receives a lot of natural light throughout the day. Garden windows can range from small to large, depending on how much space you have or how large your plants may be.
  5. Awning Windows. Awning windows tilt outward in small angles. They work best in rectangle shapes and can be excellent for small spaces. Awning windows are good options for homes with children, since they don’t fully open to being dangerous, as well as areas with lots of precipitation since the angled windows can be opened for fresh air without bringing in the rain.

Take a look at the windows or boring walls in your home. Could you benefit from adding an interesting window to the space? Whether it’s for style, increased light, better airflow, or just more interest, Murray Glass can create something incredible in your home.

Choosing the Right Type of Shower Door

Gone are the days of a boring shower curtain that needs regular cleaning and sanitizing. Even the smallest, oldest bathrooms are being upgraded with the luxury of glass shower doors. Have you checked out all the modern choices of glass shower doors? There are so many more choices than your parents had, and Murray Glass loves to help customers find the perfect fit for their individual bathrooms.

No matter your bathroom situation–tub and shower combo, standing shower with a curtain or frosted glass door, sliding glass doors, or even the cheap plastic screens–Murray Glass wants to help you create a better bathroom.

Today we’re sharing a few different styles of shower door to help you consider an upgrade that could transform your bathroom.

  • Framed Glass: A framed glass shower door is a classic option that works well in a classic or contemporary bathroom. This is an affordable option that works well with a long shower or long-set bathroom. The framed glass can be a sliding track or folding. Sliding glass doors can be a great option if your bathroom is narrow, or if you’re converting a tub and shower duo into a walk-in shower for a bathroom remodel.
  • Frameless Glass Shower: If you’re looking for a truly modern look, or going for a full bathroom remodel, you can’t do better than the frameless glass shower. Surrounded on 2-3 sides with frameless glass, this style of shower is a show stopper. It can really open up a room and creates a very luxurious feel in your bathroom.
  • Bifold Glass Doors: If you have a corner bathroom, it can feel like you have no options, but a bifold glass shower door can be a game changer. It can fold into the shower, which allows you extra space along the exterior of the shower for vanities, hooks, benches, tubs, or other bathroom elements that wouldn’t fit with a standard swinging or sliding door. This is a great option for maximizing your small space or oddly shaped bathroom.
  • Hexagonal Frameless: You may have noticed these stunning showers in the high-end magazines and Pinterest boards, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of your price range. A hexagonal frame is the best option for a very large bathroom or a shower with multiple shower heads on different walls. It creates the largest possible space for your walk-in shower.
  • Custom Glass Shower Door: With any of your glass shower door choices you’ll be able to choose the exact type and style of glass you want to use. If privacy is important to you, frosted glass can be used. Tinted or even etched glass can give a special design element to your bathroom that can liven up a dull space. It’s all up to you.

Murray Glass is excited to work with you on your bathroom upgrade or remodel, and we stand ready to answer any questions or consult about your bathroom needs.


5 Creative Places To Use Glass Doors

Glass doors are a popular choice for a patio or back door since they give you a great view into your backyard. It’s always nice to see how the kids are playing or to keep an eye on your dog before he digs too deep a hole. But have you considered using glass doors in other areas of your home? There are so many rooms that could benefit from a glass door over a traditional door, and today we’d love to talk about those benefits for your home.

At Murray Glass, we’re passionate about getting creative with our high-quality glass products. We love using glass in new and interesting ways, and to make your home more functional and beautiful.

Take a look at a few of our ideas for using glass doors in new ways and see if a glass door is an easy, painless fix to liven up your space. The 5 Creative Places to Use Glass Doors are:

1. The Pantry.

While unexpected, using a glass door for your pantry can completely transform your kitchen space. The glass door creates the illusion of more space and also makes it very easy to quickly see into your pantry for at-a-glance grocery list creation. In addition, using a glass door for your pantry helps keep your pantry more organized because it isn’t hiding behind an opaque door.

2. A Linen Closet.

We love replacing your boring linen closet door with a glass door option because it makes your home look like a magazine spread! Switch out your normal door for a glass door, grab a few pretty baskets, and maybe a fresh coat of paint or accent wallpaper and suddenly your plain hallway becomes a beautiful focal point.

3. Your Closet.

Whether your closet is a spacious walk-in or a sliding door cabinet, glass doors add a luxurious touch that makes it feel like a fancy boutique. Glass doors allow you to display your beautiful clothing and shoes like art while motivating you to stay organized and clean. Rope lighting can make it even more designer.

4. A Master Bathroom.

It might sound like a total lack of privacy, but hear us out. Bathrooms are often dark and cave-like. It doesn’t matter much if it’s just a powder room, but a bathroom where you’re going to spend more time – like your master bathroom – needs better lighting. A glass door provides light and space but doesn’t have to compromise your privacy. Frosted glass allows light without visibility, or a roman shade can bring additional colors and textures to an otherwise boring bathroom.

5. The Laundry Room.

The laundry room is often a small, cramped room lacking a window or natural light of any kind. Swapping the door for glass opens up the entire space, without needing a huge remodel. You can still close the door to keep kids and pets out but allow for visibility.

Glass doors are such a quick and painless way to update an entire room and improve flow throughout your home. Call Murray Glass to increase the natural light and fresh feel in one of your rooms today!


How To Customize Mirrors For Your Home

Mirrors have always been a fixture of home décor, but in recent years mirrors have become absolutely indispensable and ubiquitous. Why? Because we better understand exactly what mirrors can do for your home, and how to make them work even harder.

How many mirrors do you have in your home? How many mirrors are outside of your bathrooms? And what are your main complaints about your home?

At Murray Glass, we love to help people solve problems in their home. Some of the most frequent complaints we hear are that homeowners feel their home is too small, too dark, or too outdated.

Murray Glass is happy to tell you that mirrors can be the answer to every one of those complaints, without expensive remodeling or major upgrades. Let us tell you how.


Let’s start with your bathroom since you already have mirrors in there. Are your mirrors functioning well? To update an old and frumpy bathroom, you might consider adding a frame or other trim to your existing bathroom mirror. It’s an instant mirror upgrade that you can DIY in an hour or two. Another way to customize your mirror is to replace your existing mirror with one better fitted to the space. This might be larger or smaller depending on your bathroom’s size or orientation, but Murray Glass can create the exact size mirror to complement your bathroom.

Décor Mirrors

Using mirrors for decoration has several functions – for one, it can help create and disperse more light in dark areas. If you have a room with limited natural light, or a dark corner that needs a little love, adding a mirror can instantly create more light in the space. Try it in a hallway, basement, or entryway to bring in more brightness. Another function of mirrors is that they never go out of style and can fit absolutely every design and color scheme. Sure, you can opt for certain shapes or frames, but mirrors are classic and easy choices to modernize and update your décor.


One of our favorite ways to use mirrors at Murray Glass is to create the illusion of bigger spaces with mirrored doors. Using a mirrored sliding door for a closet is a prime example of working smarter with the limited space you have. Is your bedroom, closet, or bathroom tiny? Incorporate a mirror on a door or perhaps a wall to really open up space and make the room feel twice as big. Not to mention it’s incredibly useful to have a full-length mirror that doesn’t need to be carefully hung on a wall. Take a look at your bedroom and closet and see if a customized mirror couldn’t make your space much more luxurious and functional.

Murray Glass can create solutions for all of your homeowner woes, including space, lighting, design, functionality, and safety. Glass and mirrors are our passion and we can offer customized options that fit your budget.

Can You Repair Glass By Yourself?

The sound of breaking glass can strike fear into the bravest of hearts. Broken glass can be scary, dangerous, and a huge pain. Not to mention, broken glass can prove to be expensive. Unfortunately, glass is breakable and glass repair or glass replacement is a reality that could be in your future. When you find the glass break, you might see dollar signs or a quick trip to the home improvement store to fix the broken glass yourself. But can you?

Broken Glass

You have glass all over your home. Glass windows, glass doors, glass panes in your doors, glass tables and surfaces, the front of your stove and microwaves, in picture frames, and innumerable other places in each room. What happens if any of those panes of glass are broken? All it would take is a well-hit baseball, a dropped pan, tripping and falling, or any type of rough-housing and you’d be left with broken glass to repair.

Depending on the impact, your glass could get chipped, cracked, a spider-web break, or completely shatter. Chips are common along the edges of a glass surface, such as a glass table or counter. A small crack can show up on glass frames or lower window panes due to hard closing. Spider-web cracks are common when a pane of glass is impacted by a projectile, such as a toy ball or tree branch. And completely shattering glass speaks for itself.

Can You Repair Glass By Yourself?

It can be tempting to tackle all home improvement and repair projects by yourself. It can save you a lot of money, and give you an opportunity to learn skills as a homeowner. Certain types of broken glass can be repaired at home, even by a beginner do-it-yourself-er. If you drop a bowl or glass and it sustains a clean break, it can be fixed with adhesive and epoxy. Take a quick trip to your local hardware store to pickup some glass adhesive and epoxy to keep on hand for any glass breaks. Chips in a glass counter, frame, or shelf can also easily be repaired with epoxy by filling the chip, leveling and smoothing the epoxy, and then applying the hardener. Finish your glass repairs by carefully buffing. Always use proper ventilation and wear gloves to prevent excess adhesive from sticking your fingers together.

When You Can’t Repair Glass Yourself

If your broken glass is beyond a clean break or a chip, our experts at Murray Glass advise you to involve professional help rather than trying to fix it yourself. Fixing broken glass can be dangerous, since glass shards and tiny fragments can be nearly invisible. Even if it’s a clean break, the length and location of a break in your glass can make it incredibly difficult to repair yourself. When you’re in need of glass repair, trust Murray Glass to restore your broken glass to be beautiful, safe, reliable, and shining brilliantly. We’re ready to help with all of your glass needs.


How To Care For Your Glass Shower Door

Glass shower doors are a stunning addition to any bathroom. They give a clean, expansive look to any bathroom, making you feel true luxury in your daily hygiene routine. Glass showers are a popular and modern choice, but it’s also intimidating for many homeowners. Glass shower doors can quickly make your bathroom look grimy and unkempt if they acquire soap scum and hard water stains, and many homeowners are worried that this will make glass shower doors too much maintenance. Other homeowners worry about the care for the hinges, metal edges, and tracks of glass shower doors.

Today Murray Glass is making it fast and easy to care for your glass shower door.

Remove Buildup

It’s natural for soap scum, hard water, and other debris to accumulate on your glass shower door. Vinegar and dish soap is the best combination for removing this buildup. Combine vinegar and dish soap with a little warm water in a spray bottle and spray over the entire glass door surface. For intense buildup, go in and scrub with a nylon scrubber pad. If there are hard water spots or stains that won’t budge, make a paste of water and baking soda to apply to the stain and scrub away after a few minutes.

Easy Open

Do you have a squeaky shower door? Does your sliding glass shower door come off the tracks or catch along the way? Does a swinging shower door have trouble opening or closing? Using some WD-40 or silicon spray can loosen that up for you. Clean it with dish soap first, then apply your lubricant. Add more as needed, and quickly call Murray Glass if you notice any damage.

Daily Care

Remember that bottle of vinegar and dish soap? Keep it in your shower. Give your shower a quick spray at the end of each shower, or at least once a week. Go buy a squeegee and hang it in your shower. If you squeegee your shower door every single shower, that 10-second chore will keep water from drying on your glass shower door and creating the cloudy buildup. Trust us, it’s well worth it.

Fight Hard Water

Hard water can create buildup on your shower doors, but also in the joints, tracks, and around all the other fixtures in the shower. Vinegar is all you need to prevent this harmful buildup. Soak the corner of a rag in white vinegar and wipe it along all of your fixtures, including your shower head. If you live with particularly hard water you may want to consider getting a water softener.

Hopefully, these tips will help you care for your glass shower door, or assuage some of your fears about getting a glass shower door for your bathroom build or bathroom remodel. Murray Glass is ready to bring bright, light glass into your luxurious bathroom, so give us a call when you’re ready for a glass makeover.


How To Customize Your Window Treatments

Customizing your room with some fun and unique window treatments is an easy way to spice things up. Your window treatments say a lot about your style, and they can really make or break the design of your room. Whether you want to go with a roman shade for a simple and effective way to shade your room or long flowy panels to create an elongated and light feeling, window treatments are important.

Roman Shade

Roman shade is a simple shade that stacks up even when opened and hangs smoothly when closed. It’s a very smooth and sleek look. You can also go with the relaxed roman shade that has a slight curve at the bottom to give a little more flair to the typical roman shade style.

Tie-Up Shade and Trim

This casual window treatment can make a room feel nice and cozy. Because you need to tie these by hand to raise or lower them, it’s usually best to put these treatments in a room that you won’t be consistently tying and untying them.

Long Panels and Valance

Long panels on your windows will elongate your walls and make your room feel more spacious. Adding valance and long panels is an elegant way to show off your window. It can also showcase any fabric you choose.

Island-Style Valance

Make your room feel like an island getaway with an island-style valance. This is a unique style that can add to any room. Particularly in a living room, it will allow you to let in light while adding some unique style.


If you want to add a little shape to your windows—lambrequins can do that for you. These won’t fully cover your windows but will provide a style you can’t get with any other treatment. For full coverage, this is not your best option.

Long Panels and Wood Blinds

Going back to those long panels that will make your room look larger, you can also achieve great coverage with wood blinds underneath these long panels. This combination will give you prime coverage, blocking out the outdoor world, with the unique style of long panels.

Café Curtain

For a unique and casual look, a café curtain could be the way to go. Pair these curtains with rings for a retro look. Though this treatment does not provide optimal coverage, it does create a one-of-a-kind design.

Bamboo Shades

For natural beauty look—go bamboo shades. These easy to use shades are made from the natural material of bamboo.

Sheer Curtains

If you’d like your room to feel lighter and brighter, try sheer curtains. This can also help a room feel larger and more spacious—light has that effect on a room.

Solar Shades

These roller shades use fabric that is designed to reduce glare and heat. If you live in a hot climate, solar shades can keep that heat outside. They also look chic!


Sliding Glass Doors: What You Should Know About?

Looking to improve your home? Sliding glass doors are a great investment. Sliding Glass Doors bring in natural light, make space feel more open, provide a beautiful backdrop to any space, and great air flow. For these reasons and more, sliding glass doors can add to the value of your home. Sliding glass doors are sleek and modern addition that can greatly benefit your home’s design and function.

Custom Sizes

No matter where you want to install your sliding glass doors, we can customize the size to fit it. Unlike traditional swinging doors, sliding doors do not need clearance to open. Sliding doors aren’t as restricted when it comes to the surrounding space. There are some standards sizes, but they are also customizable. If you think it may not be possible with your space, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Different Styles

Customize your sliding glass doors to fit you and your space. Whether you want two, three, or four panels, or double or triple pane may depend on your space. How big is your door going to be? This may impact how many panels you want. How thin do you want those panels to be? If you want to be sure to conceal all the effects of the weather outside, you may want to invest in more a thicker window pane. There are plenty of options for widths, heights, and custom sizes. As for handle options, there are even more options—different styles and materials. Whether you want to go with gold, chrome, black nickel, silver, custom hardware, or something else, you’re sure to find something you like.

Better Air Circulation

Ventilation is extremely beneficial to a house. Indoor air quality can be tricky to regulate. When your air isn’t properly ventilated, it can mean mold growth, stagnant air, foul smells, and an overall stuffy feeling. This can lead to coughing, shortness of breath, and other respiratory problems. Not to mention, mold damage. Installing glass doors in your home give you an optimal opportunity for prime cross ventilation. You can easily increase air flow with a simple slide of the door.

Optimizing Your Space

Sliding glass doors are a compact design that can optimize your space. It will take the same amount of space, whether closed or open, so it won’t take up much space at all. Plus, it opens up space. This large window like structure makes space feel larger. It can showcase a beautiful backyard, open up to a patio or deck, or just give you quick access to outside. Either way, your space can experience a decent upgrade with the addition of a sliding glass door. Even without opening the glass door, it will help space seem larger, but then opening it up will actually make it larger!

To learn more about sliding glass door options and what they may look like in your house, contact us at Murray Glass today!