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5 Reasons Shower Doors Make Awesome Gifts

Shower doors might not be the most obvious of holiday gifts, but think about it. If you’re considering them as a gift this season, it’s probably because the intended recipient has been complaining about ugly, old or even broken doors for a while.

A bathroom should be an escape and an oasis, but it’s pretty tough to Zen out when your shower doors are decades old, shaky or even cracked or broken.

shower door gift

Shower doors are a thoughtful and useful gift.

But they’re pretty hard to fit under the tree. Gift them by wrapping a shower door catalog, or put pictures in a card.

Unless you know the exact type the recipient wants, along with the dimensions, it’s best to leave the final details up to him or her. A card detailing the specifics of what you’re gifting, such as frameless versus nonframeless or sliding versus nonsliding, will help curb any uncomfortable conversations about money when it comes time to choose.

Consider these benefits:

1. They can dramatically increase a home’s value. The kitchen and bathroom are both hot spots in the home where luxury is in high demand. Regardless of whether the recipient plans to sell at some point, helping to improve the home’s value is thoughtful.

2. The right shower doors can make bathrooms look bigger and brighter. The clearer the doors and the less hardware — including framing — the more room and light you get. Although rain-style glass is still available, its heyday is over, because homeowners realized they can make rooms look small and dingy.

3. Customize your privacy. Maybe the recipient wants crystal-clear shower doors, or partial opaqueness for a little more privacy. As families grow, especially with children, privacy needs change.

4. Shower doors can be a bathroom’s focal point. Cabinets and countertops can help make bathrooms more luxurious, but shower doors can be a real statement. Upgrading to new doors can really give a bathroom that wow factor it’s missing.

5. You’re helping the recipient relax. Everyone deserves a bathroom that’s relaxing and rejuvenating, and serves as a slice of paradise at home. Shower doors as a gift show people that you care about their well-being and want them to feel pampered at home.

Shower Door Deliveries from Santa

They might not fit in the sleigh, but Santa can certainly team up with your local Utah shower door company to arrange for quick delivery and professional installation. Help the recipient ring in the New Year with the ultimate holiday gift they’ll enjoy for many years. Call Murray Glass for brochures, catalogs and more information on shower doors, and for help with putting together a legendary holiday gift package.

Glass & Mirror Shop Superstitions Busted

Your local glass and mirror shop is well-versed in restoring vintage pieces, providing emergency services and dispelling myths about glass and mirror superstitions.

In the world of good luck/bad luck, glass and mirrors have played a big role. Perhaps one of the most famous American myths is that breaking a mirror means seven years of bad luck (although in many cultures, breaking glass is good luck and highly encouraged).

Just like walking under ladders and seeing a black cat cross your path, superstitions can hold as much or as little power as you give them. Still, it’s interesting to see what some glass and mirror shop superstitions entail.

Some old wives’ tales include covering mirrors during lightning storms, lest the bolts become vain and wander into the house. Another tradition is to cover all the mirrors in a home when someone dies to stop his or her ghost from getting trapped (you’ll still see this tradition in some movies).

Some Superstitions Take a Lot of Work

If you were to follow all superstitions, it would be a full-time job. Even keeping pace with glass and mirror shop-related superstitions is a massive undertaking, especially when you move into a new home and have to immediately fill a bottle with broken glass for the attic. Such a talisman prevents witches from entering because it makes their wombs hurt. Nobody said superstitions ever make much sense!

One old tale is that evil can’t cross over water, so the recommendation is to keep a shallow dish of water on the kitchen windowsill. Why this particular entry point is favored over bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and dining rooms is a mystery. Perhaps it’s simply easier to keep that dish full of water perched so close to the kitchen sink.

The Real Magic of Glass and Mirror Shops

You may have heard that breaking glass is good luck, particularly at Jewish weddings, but did you know that in some cultures only clear glass is good luck? Breaking red or green glass, or even breaking a full glass bottle instead of a cup or other vessel, is considered back luck by some. Breaking glass while in the middle of a toast is also dubbed bad luck by some communities. However, if you finish a toast then toss the glass into a fireplace to break it, that’s good luck!

Glass and mirror shops have seen it all, heard it all, and sometimes have to soothe superstitious customers worried over a specific type of breakage. The real luck comes in having a 24-hour emergency glass and mirror shop available to you any time of day or night.

Rely on Murray Glass for fast, quality repairs of your mirrors, windows, glass and more.

Protect Shower Doors When You Have a Full House

Check to be sure your shower doors are in good shape if you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year.

When you have company, sometimes you feel like your shower door should be a revolving door! House guests might be rougher on shower doors and windows than you are, so if your glass has been in need of repairs but you’ve been putting that task off, now is the time to get it done.

Having a full house is a great reason to make sure all your glass doors and windows are in good shape.

Check all shower doors for nicks or cracks, and ensure they open and close smoothly. Now is also a good time to look for hard-water deposits and mold too. Hard water isn’t dangerous, but it isn’t attractive, and mold can be a big health hazard.

Your windows also might benefit from an added layer of stick-on insulation that doubles as a strengthener.

Shower Door Safety

Sliding shower doors usually suffer a little more abuse than swinging doors. Slamming them closed (as some children and teens might do) can cause doors to break, especially older ones. Newer sliding and swinging shower doors have soft-close features like kitchen cabinets do, but you can equip older models with a shower door bumper.

Some frameless shower swinging doors can slam shut, but this is often an installation issue. Have a shower glass professional check to see if your frameless shower doors are “out of plumb.” If they are, it’s a fast and easy fix with a readjustment or new hinges. Swing doors should never slam, but they can work their way out of alignment over time.

Modern shower glass is made with tempered safety glass, so if it shatters (which is rare), the resulting gummy glass pieces mean easier cleanup and a minimal risk of injury.

However, vintage and classic homes might not have tempered glass. If you live in one of these, consider putting a shower door or window upgrade on your wish list for Santa this year.

Windows to a Winter Wonderland

Your shower doors will get more use when your house is spilling over with guests, but don’t overlook your windows. They’re are the No. 1 cause of heat loss during winter, and the second-most popular entry point for burglars, so make certain you maintain them properly. Check to make sure all window locks work smoothly, and keep hedges trimmed and neat around all exterior openings, including doors and windows.

If a glass emergency does pop up this holiday season, don’t worry. Any reputable glass company offers 24-hour emergency services, including holidays, to keep you and your loved ones safe and comfortable. Save the number for Murray Glass just in case of emergency, and enjoy added peace of mind knowing your shower doors and windows will be in good hands.

Is Winter Hazardous to Windows?

Windows are made of glass, which is actually a type of liquid. In extreme temperatures and temperature swings, glass can break. But is a Utah winter chilly enough for this to happen?

window winter

It’s highly unlikely, although older glass and windows such as the kind found in vintage homes are much more prone to breakage than the latest, multipaneled safety glass.

Glass can break from stress at various temperatures, depending on the type of glass, its age, thickness, and many other factors. Breakage is more common when glass isn’t the same temperature throughout the pane, or when temperature swings happen quickly.

Today’s windows are made from a type of safety glass designed to withstand the seasons, and temperature alone would not likely cause a fracture.

Winter Window Hazards

Prioritizing window safety is a smart move, especially when you account for bigger winter hazards, such as snowstorms or even blizzards. Windows that aren’t energy-efficient can be big energy and money sucks, whisking warm air outside and preventing your family from getting cozy.

Upgrading to Energy Star windows during the autumn can increase your comfort for the coming winter months. For the budget-minded, replace one or a couple of windows at a time, starting with those in common areas and bedrooms.

You’ll also want to avoid accidental “showboating” during the holiday season if you have a lot of gifts in the home. Showing off your stunning tree or other holiday cheer, along with all those gifts, might look fantastic in that picture window, but it’s also showing burglars that you have some goodies worth stealing.

Instead, decorate windows with lights, garlands, and other modest fare while keeping gifts out of sight.

Keeping Up with Cold Weather Safety

The winter holidays and the sizzling summer months are peak fire seasons. In the winter, forgotten candles, fireplaces and stovetops can cause fires. It’s tempting to add bars to windows, especially on the first floor, but that can be dangerous if there’s a fire.

Instead, practice home fire safety and make sure everyone knows the best escape routes in case of an emergency. When doors aren’t accessible, windows are the only option. Make sure they are secure, but easy for everyone in the home to unlock and use as an exit.

An errant snowball can pack enough punch to fracture older windows, and horsing around indoors when the kids are on winter break can lead to broken glass, windows or shower doors. Make sure your home has safety glass, and have a 24-hour emergency glass service’s number saved in your phone.

For more tips on window and glass safety in the winter, contact Murray Glass today.

24-Hour Emergency Glass & Halloween Mischief

Emergency Glass Repair

Along with candy and pumpkins, 24-hour emergency glass services might end up part of your Halloween this year.

Both residential and commercial glass can be targets, purposefully or not, for Halloween mischief. The spookiest night of the year often comes with an increase in petty crimes like vandalism. It’s easy for a prank to go from toilet-papering a lawn to a rock tossed through a window (especially if alcohol is mixed into the mayhem).

Keep your home or business safeguarded by keeping a trusted, 24-hour emergency glass services number at the ready.

According to professor James Alan Fox at Northeastern University, violent crime rates spike in the Boston area on three days each year: Halloween, New Year’s Day and Independence Day. The crime rate on Halloween is “about 50 percent higher than any other day of the year,” he says.

Orlando police, like many other precincts, say that more crimes are committed on Halloween by people wearing masks, which is why laws in some cities prohibit people from wearing masks in some businesses.

24-Hour Emergency Glass Saves the Haunting Season

Georgetown (Washington, D.C.), has a higher number of burglaries on Halloween compared to other days of the year. However, theft is by far the more common crime on this spooky night, with robberies also spiking, but coming in far behind nonviolent burglaries and thefts.

Thefts and burglaries of homes are almost four times more common than automobile-related thefts on Halloween, and windows can provide quick access to grabbing more goodies than what homeowners are giving away in plastic pumpkins.

Most burglars are opportunists and will look for items they can quickly grab, rather than breaking and entering. However, breaking glass to gain entry is reasonably easy for the aggressive thief.

Putting bars on your windows can greatly help thwart burglaries, but remember this catch: They can be tough to open and close in case of emergencies, like fires. Practicing good safety habits, like planting thorny bushes below windows and keeping your property well-lit, is a better approach.

Timing Is Everything

If you plan to be out of town on Halloween, ask neighbors to keep an eye on your property. Bright lighting is one of the best deterrents for criminals, but it also tells trick-or-treaters you’re home and you’ve got candy for them.

Make sure doors and windows are locked, post warnings about security systems and dogs (even if you don’t have them), and make your home look occupied when you’re not there by leaving televisions and radios on, or keeping these devices on timers.

Research 24-hour emergency glass repair shops before you have an urgent situation on your hands, and save their number in your phone. If you’re out of town this Halloween, give your contact information to a trusted neighbor.

For all your 24-hour emergency glass repair needs, on Halloween or any other day, call Murray Glass.

Tips to Keep Windows Secure

Window Security Tips

Having lots of big windows in your home or business is always considered a plus! Windows let in natural light, which has a host of aesthetic and health benefits, they make a space look larger and they can dramatically increase the value of a home or building.

However, not all windows are created equally, especially if your windows are old or not well-maintained. Tempered (safety) glass is relatively new, and while antique or vintage glass might have a lot of character, if it shatters, the results can be dangerous.

Windows with safety glass are a requirement in the United States now for new homes and renovations, but that tempered glass is just part of what’s keeping your home secure. You also need windows that are energy-efficient with panes thick enough to trap heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, particularly in Utah, where our weather runs the gamut.

An Energy Star-approved window might come with a tax perk, too, so talk to your CPA if you’re considering buying or replacing windows.

Window Safety Tips from the Law

Police departments know very well how important quality windows that are used correctly are in preventing burglaries. Windows can lock in a number of ways, but what’s more important than how they lock is to make sure locks are always engaged when the window is not in use.

All windows also should have screens — their purpose is for more than letting in a breeze. Screens can prevent stray balls and debris (such as during a windstorm) from cracking glass, and they’re also a minor but effective means of turning off burglars.

Some homeowners add bars to windows, particularly on the ground floors, for added safety. Bars can be effective, but make sure everyone in the home knows how to remove them quickly from the inside in case of a fire. Homes with children can especially benefit from home fire and earthquake drills.

However, in most cases, quality windows and locks are more than enough to keep your home secure.

Window Shopping

Many people don’t realize the number of options and styles of windows available until they build or renovate a house. Having grids on windows is considered upscale and attractive, especially on front windows. You can choose from a variety of square sizes and styles, go with a full or half paneling. Of course picture windows are a separate kind of luxury that are best kept grid-free.

In some instances, such as with accent windows, you might want to spring for stained glass or a special etching. However, oftentimes this glass doesn’t abide by your city, county or state’s regulations for window safety, which is why getting creative is only an option for accent windows.

You can dress up windows by playing with the frames, such as going for a thicker wood wrapping on the interior or adding shutters to the exterior.

Most importantly, always have a reputable window and glass repair company’s number in your phone. Murray Glass is Utah’s leading window repair company offering around-the-clock emergency services.

Shower Door Care Tips

Shower Door Care

You want to choose a shower door that’s easy to care for and will stand up against even the longest, most demanding showers (like when you’re washing off after your Warrior Dash mud run).

Today’s shower glass is safety glass, meaning that if it ever breaks, which is rare, it shatters into gummy pieces instead of shards. However, not all glass shower doors are created equally.

If you’re debating between framed and non-framed shower doors, rest easy knowing that both are extremely durable. You don’t need a frame for added security, because frameless shower doors are designed to be extra heavy, but light to operate.

All of today’s shower glass is tempered safety glass, so don’t feel like you need to pay a premium solely for glass quality. In terms of safety and sheer quality, all shower doors are comparable.

What About Shower Door Style?

Your shower door style selection can get tricky when it comes to maintenance. A lot of people love the clean look of un-etched, clear shower doors because they let in a lot of light, are timeless and go with any aesthetic.

However, they come at a cost, and it’s charged with sweat equity. Extremely picky homeowners might find themselves wiping down the doors with a squeegee to get rid of spots and streaks.

If you have hard water in your home, those spots can get extremely annoying and difficult to remove. Homeowners who love the look of clear glass but hate spots and streaks should spend a few extra seconds after each shower keeping their shower doors looking like new.

A quick wipe with a squeegee or microfiber cloth followed by a dose of daily shower cleanser will do the trick.

Some popular shower door cleansers include Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner and Method Daily. You also can make your own by mixing in equal parts rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, a dash of liquid dish soap and some liquid dish rinse. Voila! Put it in a pretty squirt bottle and you’re good to go.

Shower Doors That Hide Spots

Daily upkeep should be quick and simple, but some people prefer to skip that step, and that’s when etched and sandblasted shower doors come in handy. Choose from a variety of styles including rainfall, fogged (to varying degrees), or even a customized etching or sandblasting.

You can make the glass as opaque as you like, which is a great way to add a little extra privacy. Privacy is a must for some shared bathrooms, and filtering a lot of natural light can give bathrooms a more intimate and relaxed vibe.

Most importantly, make sure you have a reputable glass repair company at the ready in case of emergencies. Call Murray Glass, your around-the-clock shower door repair experts, for the highest quality repair and replacement.

From Glass Making To Glass Repair

Utah Glass Manufacutring and Repair

Glass repair can seem like magic to those outside the industry.

Glass is an anomaly — tough enough to protect us from raging winter storms yet fragile enough that it shatters relatively easily. It’s transparent, but it’s made from the same kind of sand that sticks between your toes at the beach.

Glass acts like a solid, but it’s actually a liquid. It’s all around us, from our windows to the rearview mirrors in our car. It’s one of the oldest, most useful materials created by man, but few people know much about it.

Technically, glass is liquid sand that’s created when regular sand is heated to the point of melting. Sand is largely made up of silicon dioxide, and when it gets really hot, it becomes liquid. But the heat levels must reach at least 3,090 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why you don’t see beaches turning to liquid on even the hottest days.

Once melted, sand cools down and transforms into glass, never to return to its formerly gritty state. When it’s cooled, it acts like a solid, but it will always be an amorphous solid.

The Metamorphosis

Amorphous solid sand is half liquid, half solid, and boasts a crystalline quality with the molecular structure of liquid. As you can see, it’s quite a unique product!

Glass became popular due to its versatility. Its transparency combined with its low cost made it a favorite for manufacturers. It’s easy to mold when in molten form, and resists heat well in the amorphous solid state. Plus, it’s chemically inert, so it doesn’t react to anything you put inside it.

Glass is also easily recyclable, making it a green and guilt-free option. Even better, it’s used to help recycle other materials. For example, uranium glass is a unique yellowish-green color that glows when exposed to UV light. It’s created with material from an abandoned Fernald uranium plant in Ohio, and the vitrification (transforming another material to glass) process is a means of recycling nuclear waste into a useful product safely.

Glass Repair

Manufacturers have perfected the manufacturing process over the years. Today, sand is mixed with recycled glass, limestone and soda ash before it’s put into the furnace. Soda lowers the melting point, conserving energy, but it makes the glass melt in water, so limestone is added to prevent this. It gives us soda-lime-silica glass, which is the kind we see and use on a daily basis.

Still, glass can and does break. In some cases, it’s preferable and less expensive to repair it rather than replace it, especially if the piece is custom or has sentimental value. Call Murray Glass for your glass repair needs 24/7.

Windows With Maximum Energy Efficiency

Glass Windows With Maximum Energy Efficiency

You want your windows to be as safe and energy-efficient as possible.

Fortunately, the safety part is taken care of if you have newer windows, since the technology to make safety glass that breaks into gummy bits instead of shards has been around for quite a while. And the more panes your windows sport, the safer they are and the tougher they are to break, too. Double panes also maximize energy efficiency, so you get two perks for the price of one.

Homeowners and business owners prioritizing energy efficiency know to look for windows with a good Energy Star rating.

Energy Star is a non-biased, third-party government program that rates a number of products and appliances on how green, energy-efficient and cost-saving they are. Depending on the tax year, you might also snag a tax break for installing Energy Star products, but always check with your CPA first if that’s a deciding factor.

Bring on the Winners

Energy Star features a number of winning choices for vertical slider style windows this year, including the A Window Inc. Energy Core, Alside A501, Champion Window Comfort 365 Extreme Energy, and Sunrise Windows Solace/Vanguard series. Factors for judging included National Fenestration Council Ratings, solar heat gain coefficient ratings and how the products do in various climate zones.

If you’re looking for the most energy-efficient horizontal sliders, you’ll do well with the American Window Alliance EnergyQuest-Max slider, Simonton Windows Reflections 550 prism, NT Window Y140, or the Winchester Industries Bristol 558 SNS Slider. Choose from many more and discover the top-ranked options in all styles at the official Energy Star website.

Making the Most of Your Windows

Energy Star also ranks casement-style models such as projected, hopper, awning, and tilt and turn, as well as fixed or picture windows, every year. However, replacing all the windows in an older, less-energy-efficient home can be costly. Some homeowners replace their windows one at a time, as budget allows, prioritizing rooms that are used most often.

If you have old windows that aren’t made with safety glass (and you have children in the home), you’ll probably want to replace windows children have easiest access to first.

In some cases, you might be a little heartbroken thinking you have to give up those gorgeous, century-old beveled glass windows, but that’s no longer the case. Beveled glass is definitely a luxury upgrade, but today’s manufacturers offer stunning beveled safety glass.

Hold onto your old glass and use it as décor on walls or as makeshift bed frames for a unique look that pays homage to your historic home.

Most importantly, make sure that no matter what type of windows you have, you also have a local glass repair expert on call around the clock. Murray Glass offers window repair services 24/7 so that you and your family can rest easy knowing your windows are in good hands.

Shower Door Glass Options

Shower Door Glass

Clear shower door glass is a classic that will never go out of style, but what if you want something a little different?

HD glass has all the same benefits of clear shower doors, including easy maintenance and letting in as much light as possible, but comes with less iron content and a minimal green tint to offer incredible clarity. It looks truly colorless, allowing your tiles and fixtures to take center stage. HD is basically clear glass on steroids, and a great pick for master bathrooms.

With frosted glass, you get a little more privacy, which is critical for some people who use shared bathrooms. The look is created via acid etching onto clear glass, resulting in an evenly smooth appearance that feels like satin on one side.

Soft light is admitted through frosted glass so you don’t lose all the brightness of the bathroom. As an added bonus, it doesn’t show streaks or water spots easily, making it ideal for bathrooms that don’t get daily wipe-downs.

Make Your Shower an Oasis

Rain glass has sustained its popularity since it was first introduced a few decades ago. It’s exactly what it sounds like: A pane of glass that looks like rain, an effect achieved by having crystal patterns embedded into it.

Like frosted panes, you enjoy a soft light and some amount of visibility, but you also get privacy. Again, just one side is patterned, so you have a smooth side and a slightly bumpy side. Many homeowners love this glass because it hides small stains, water marks, and fingerprints.

Your shower glass retailer might have a slew of other options available, but most are modifications of frosted or rain glass. However, if you prefer to embrace your darker side while in this room, choosing a gray or bronze glass is a unique touch.

These panes are tinted to allow for a little less light transmission and some added privacy. The different hue options allow you to choose one that will complement any type of tile, backsplash or countertop.

Safeguard Your Investment

Choosing a shower door beyond the standard framed clear glass comes at a premium to the homeowner. Frameless shower doors require special balancing, and any frosted, rain or tinted glass is going to cost a little more than clear.

Keeping these panes protected, clean and sanitized is critical, and that includes having a glass repair shop you can count on. Just like your car’s windshield, it’s often quicker and more affordable to repair shower glass rather than replace it.

If you notice any chips, cracks or signs of trouble, call your local glass repair shop immediately and avoid using the bathroom (and especially the shower) until an expert has examined it. Creaking sounds, doors that don’t open/close easily, and those that are off their tracks are all red flags.

Call Murray Glass if you suspect your glass shower door might need attention.