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Can the Cold Break Glass?

Cold Glass

Anyone who’s had a mug break in the freezer after leaving an icy beverage in there too long knows the answer: Yes! However, when it comes to commercial glass, particularly the variety that’s designed to withstand the elements, breakage usually occurs only extreme conditions.

But the definition of extreme is highly subjective, especially in a state like Utah where freezing winters can be the norm. Older glass that isn’t reinforced or has tiny fractures invisible to the naked eye also can literally crack under the pressure of a cold front.

Glass is strong, but certainly not indestructible. During the winter months, it’s vulnerable, especially combined with high traffic from holiday shopping (think of all those shoppers pushing your door open and closed through the holiday season). Fortunately, you can do a few things to prevent breakage — and prepare for worst-case scenarios.

Toughen Your Glass

A glass and mirror expert can permanently strengthen your glass by applying a film to it, similar to car window tint. The film doesn’t need to be colored, but it can be if you’d like, and that will provide a little extra UV protection. Alternatively, replace chipped panes — this lessens the risk of weakened glass breaking during a winter storm.

Avoiding severe temperature changes also can help. When faced with a blizzard outside and roasting hot temperatures inside, glass is under immense pressure. Try to keep interior temperatures moderate and/or add exterior heating elements to give your glass a better fighting chance. Keep an eye out for any small chips or breaks. These can be easy fixes that, if left unattended, can make caused sudden shattering.

Holiday Preparation

Unfortunately, the holiday season is also the season for thefts and burglaries. Cold weather and criminal activity can have many shopkeepers worried about keeping inventory secure. Broken glass is an invitation to burglars, even if it broke on its own.

Keep a 24-hour emergency repair company’s number at the ready, and check that they’ll be available even on Christmas and New Year’s. Nothing ruins the holidays faster than standing guard over a vulnerable retail shop.

Reinforcing your glass and replacing it regularly helps prevent breakage, but it also can lower your energy consumption and utility bills. It’s a win-win for everyone, and considering that vintage glass has almost no insulation capability at all, you might be well overdue for an upgrade.

Now’s the perfect time of year to score a great deal on glass replacement, or to take care of any breakage. For all your glass repair needs, keep Murray Glass’ number in your phone — especially the emergency number, which connects you to an expert 24/7.

Spontaneous Glass Breakage

Spontaneous Glass Breakage

You may have heard of spontaneous glass breakage, but it’s not as spontaneous as you think.

This type of breakage happens when toughened or tempered glass seems to crack or shatter for no reason. But there are always reasons, and one of the most common results from minor damage during installation that may be invisible to the naked eye.

Maybe you didn’t notice tiny nicks, chips or other defects when your glass was originally installed, but they were there and have already weakened it. It could take hours, days, weeks or even months for this minor damage to lead to spontaneous breakage.

Another common cause of spontaneous cracking is binding the product too tightly within a frame. A mistake like this leads to stress, especially since glass expands and contracts with the seasons, depending on the temperature.

Although it seems solid, glass is actually porous and prone to growth and shrinkage. If the binding is too tight, the pressure can suddenly become too much, or it can break due to constant pressure over time.

Be More Spontaneous!

The glass also may have internal defects, such as nickel sulfide inclusions. These too are invisible to the naked eye, and that’s why you should use a reputable dealer who will use only the best products in your installation.

Thermal stress also can break glass, and panes that are too thin to resist wind pressure also can lead to spontaneous breakage. If you get your product from a reliable source and it’s installed correctly, you can drastically reduce the odds of spontaneous breakage. However, installation is the trickier of the two to control.

Moving and installing glass provides plenty of opportunity for nicking, chipping and other accidental slip-ups. Sometimes screws and nails can be installed too tightly or at the wrong angle. Over time, the glass will shift and those stress concentrators can buckle under pressure.

From the Inside Out

Most glass today is supported with resilient blocks which allow room for expansion. Any gaskets involved are designed to cushion it from wind. However, if you have too little space or not enough cushioning, breakage can happen.

With nickel sulfide stones, tiny steel/nickel shavings can slip into the glass, thanks to the stainless steel machines that are used in the manufacturing process, and create intense stresses. If the stress is stronger than the glass, it will break. The tell-tale sign of this type of breakage is in the resulting figure-eight pattern.

Most sealed, insulating glass breaks from thermal stress. The coatings, which are reflective, can make the outside overheat. It might not break immediately, but that stress stays forever and builds up over time.

If your glass breaks, let the professionals deal with repairs and replacements. Call Murray Glass today to ensure your glass is safe, secure and not a hazard.

Choosing Your Glass & Mirror Shop

Glass & Mirror Shop

Your go-to glass and mirror shop is one of the most important B2B partnerships you can forge.

Many businesses of all sizes feature glass and mirrors throughout their brick-and mortar-establishments. It might be oversized panes in your building, customized glass or mirrored display shelves, a stunning reception desk, or even on-site showers, depending on your industry.

When you purchased and installed these glass and mirror pieces, you probably didn’t think you’d need emergency glass services or replacements anytime soon — if ever! Unfortunately, sometimes trouble pops up.

Researching and choosing a glass and mirror repair shop before trouble strikes is key. It’s like preventive care. This is especially important if your business relies on glass or mirrors for safety (such as glass exterior walls). Here are a few qualities you should look for in a repair shop, and how to tell you’ve found a great one:

1. 24-hour Emergency Services

Glass and mirrors can be broken at any time of day or night, particularly if vandals, thieves, or natural disasters strike. You want to make sure your business is safeguarded. A glass and mirror repair shop that keeps banker’s hours isn’t going to help you. Find a reputable shop, save the emergency number in your phone, and hope you never have to use it.

2. Specialists in Your Types of Glass/Mirror

Take photos of the various glass and mirror features in your business. Not all repair shops will be able to fix unique items. When comparison shopping, ask about every feature you have so that you’re not scrambling to find help with a shower door because you assumed the mirror shop would take care of you.

3. Nearby Location

You want your on-site repair expert to get there as quickly as possible, and you don’t want to pay an expensive travel fee. Nearby locations are ideal, so always start by looking at the closest shops. Just a few miles can make a big difference in price and convenience.

4. Reasonable Prices

This one should be obvious, but don’t assume that all prices will be similar. Many factors dictate prices, and some shops really do pull a number out of a hat. You want to blend skill with a competitive price. The highest price isn’t necessarily from the most skilled repair shop, so check reviews, testimonials and the Better Business Bureau as well as bid prices.

5. Friendly Customer Service

It’s pretty awkward calling the emergency number at 3 a.m. if you’re already intimidated by a surly business owner. When you call around to check prices and other details, trust your gut when it comes to authenticity and friendliness. You’re going to want someone who’s empathetic and kind but still professional, should disaster strike.

You may need glass and mirror repair services at the most inopportune times, so be prepared. Start by calling Murray Glass, your local glass and mirror shop that works with all types of materials and features.

Shower Doors Need Replacing?

Shower Doors

Many shower doors are the focal points in bathrooms. What does a cracked, scratched, foggy or dirty door say about you and your home?

Shower doors don’t always come from the manufacturer equipped with a proper sealant. Glass is actually a porous material, even though it doesn’t seem like it. It has pores that can capture dirt, grime, soap scum and everything else you think gets washed down the drain. Even a shower door in a studio that serves just one person can get dingy or damaged.

Replacing or repairing shower doors is one of the best ways to instantly improve the aesthetics of any bathroom. Unfortunately, unless a door is seriously damaged, with cracked glass or worse, homeowners may not notice their slow deterioration. Soap scum gets embedded in the glass over time, and tiny chips and hairline cracks are easy to overlook.

Does your glass need some TLC? It’s time to take a closer look.

Quality Control

Unless your doors are intentionally fogged, opaque or etched, they should look completely clear. Brand new, clear doors are flawless. If you’re scrubbing and cleaning to no avail, that might be a sign the glass wasn’t sealed well upon installation or wasn’t maintained, and that replacement is in order.

Quality glass repair shops can recommend the strategy that’s best for you and your budget. You’ll be surprised by what a professional treatment can do. Repairing cracks and dings is often possible, even with severe damage. Returning the glass to its original luster might also be possible with professional tools.

Repair or replace? That’s a decision to be made with a glass repair pro.

Common Causes of Damage

One of the biggest shower door issues is simply that they look grimy. Bathrooms are warm, moist places — breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Plus, homeowners rarely deep clean their shower doors. That small section of your home where all the scrubbing, exfoliating, shaving, and shampooing takes place is the ideal setting for buildup. Ignore it long enough, and that neglect will show.

Today’s shower doors are made with safety glass and are durable, but that wasn’t the case a few decades ago. A slip and fall in the shower can lead to damage, especially with older doors. Shattered or cracked glass or even a sharp chip are dangerous in bathrooms. Replacing older glass with a new, durable piece can help keep your family safe — and your bathroom’s doors in one piece.

Whether you have shower door glass that needs repairs, are considering replacing the glass or simply want a professional’s opinion on glass quality, make sure you rely on experts with a solid reputation. Contact Murray Glass for all your shower glass needs (and more!) in the Salt Lake City area.

Glass Emergency? We Can Help!

Glass Emergency

You may hope you never need 24-hour emergency glass services, but you should keep the number of a reliable company readily available, just as a precaution.

If you’re a business owner or commercial property manager, you do everything possible to keep the grounds safe from natural disasters, vandals and break-ins. You have solid exterior lighting, perhaps on-site security and/or cameras, and you chose a building that was designed to hold up against the weather in your area.

However, accidents will happen, especially with commercial buildings that are largely glass — and criminals might target your building.

Broken glass is an open invitation to looting and is dangerous for employees, customers and passersby. When you see glass on the sidewalk, you know two things: Something has gone awry, and the building is vulnerable. Every neighborhood is only as strong as the weakest link, and when you have broken glass, your building is by far the most vulnerable.

Don’t wait until banker’s hours, especially if the incident happens late on a Friday night. Nobody can afford an entire weekend with a broken window, and fortunately you don’t have to.

Service in a Hurry

Depending on the extent of the damage, a repair service may be able to fix or replace the glass on-site any time of day or night. However, it’s likelier that a temporary solution will be employed while the perfectly cut replacement piece is made or ordered.

A reputable repair shop will offer 24-hour emergency glass services, since they know how important commercial glass is. They may also offer a clean-up service, although many property owners prefer to take care of the mess themselves.

When calling a 24-hour emergency glass service, you should connect to a live person quickly. Since urgent glass services are fortunately not very common, this isn’t like waiting for a tow truck when your car is broken down. Assuming your property is within a reasonable distance, it won’t take repair experts long to arrive.

You’ll need to have a description of the damage (snapping a photo helps), the address and any additional concerns such as a potential break-in. If you suspect a break-in, don’t explore the property yourself — call the police first and glass repair services second.

A Clean Sweep

Most of the time, 24-hour emergency glass service providers can tidy up your property well enough and allow you to open up for business as usual. Broken glass doesn’t mean your business has to halt.

It can also be an opportunity to increase your property’s security. Replacing the broken glass with a stronger piece, adding a strengthening film, or perhaps tinting the windows for extra security and strength are all great ways to avoid damage in the future. However, nothing replaces more thorough security, which might include a hired guard or simply trimming landscaping back for more visibility.

Nobody expects to need emergency glass service, but it’s wise to plan for it. Make sure you have a local, reliable company’s 24-hour number saved in your phone. For the best in service, give Murray Glass a call and enjoy fast, affordable 24-hour emergency glass services.

Commercial Shower Doors Need Specialized Care

Commercial Shower Doors

Commercial shower doors are common in many industries — hotels, truck stops, campgrounds and even some high-tech enterprises that are committed to giving employees everything they need to work around-the-clock. These doors sometimes require special care that differs from what’s called for with residential doors.

Making sure commercial shower doors are safe and clean is critical. A badly chipped door, a growing crack, or even scum buildup is a reflection of your company. Showering might be a private matter, but if your stalls, doors or linings are worse for wear, you can bet word will get around.

Unless you built your commercial space from scratch, you probably don’t know if your shower doors are quality. They could be old and prone to shattering. They could have been installed without a sealant, allowing soap scum, dirt and other debris to seep into the pores of glass. Glass itself, without any added resins or a sealant, is far from truly solid and a great breeding ground for mold.

Regardless of whether employees or customers use your commercial showers, you must take care of the doors or you’re opening yourself up to liability in the event of an injury.

Preventive Care

Any glass, including shower doors, requires preventive care. This includes adding strength, perhaps with a film or sealant, and performing regular deep cleanings. Hiring the right cleaning crew is critical as well. Keeping an eye out for mold, particularly the black variety, is paramount to safety. Anytime you offer showers in a place of business, your potential liability increases. Slips and falls are by far the most common workplace accident, and they’re much likelier to happen in bathrooms.

If you notice that glass seems hard to clean, weak or brittle, take action before disaster occurs. Shower doors can be expensive, but they also can be much easier to repair than replace. Take care of them by bringing in an expert if you notice something’s amiss. Ask your cleaning crew to keep an eye on your showers so that any issues are caught early.

Taking Care of Business

If you operate commercial showers long enough, you’re bound to have glass that chips, breaks, cracks or shatters. Put the safety of customers/employees first — immediately close that particular shower stall and ensure any fallen glass is removed. In some cases, you may want to close the entire stall area. Nothing is as potentially dangerous (or looks as unprofessional) as an out-of-order shower stall.

Surprisingly, many shower doors are fixable even when damage looks severe. Having an expert look at damaged shower glass is also a great way to find out the state of your other doors. It may be time to replace all of them, or a quick one-door fix might be all you need. For all shower doors — commercial or otherwise — call Murray Glass for fast and affordable care and service.

5 Ways Windows Protect Your Business

Business Windows

Your business likely has windows, whether it’s an office space, retail shop or industrial warehouse. Windows make for great curb appeal, but they’re good for much more than aesthetics. They also help safeguard your business, employees and customers. If you wanted a fortress, you could mimic a data center and have no windows at all. The same goes for casinos, but these businesses forego windows in order to prevent the customers from realizing just how long they’ve been at the tables. Since the majority of businesses don’t fall into this category, windows are usually an integral part of your commercial space.

Here are a few ways, beyond the obvious, that windows increase your space’s safety:

1. UV Protection:

Add even a minor tinted film to commercial windows, and you’re giving your employees, customers and vendors a dose of vitamin D without the harmful UV rays. Tints can also help cut down on the amount of heat from the sun infiltrating windows and reduce visibility from the outside (most criminals are opportunists, and if it’s tough to see what’s in a building, it’s much less appealing).

2. Fire Exits:

There’s a (legal!) reason only some buildings are allowed to have no or minimal windows. If a door is blocked during a fire, how will those inside escape? The more windows you have, the more emergency fire exits you have. Double your efforts by making sure all employees know the fire escape plan and check your fire extinguishers for easy access.

3. Mental Health:

That sunlight that comes in, the ability to check out what’s happening outside and the general feeling of not being locked in are all good for your mental health. Even part-time employees can go a little stir crazy in a cubicle farm. You love having windows in your home for the same reason. Give your employees a good view, and they’re more likely to enjoy coming to work.

4. Financial Health:

Is someone more likely to come in to your business when they see a gorgeous display in the window or a banner for your new autumn line? The answer is obvious. Having windows can boost your sales, profits and margins. This is especially true if you’re located on a busy street and depend heavily on foot traffic. Just make sure the windows are clean and maintained.

5. Room to Grow:

Obviously, adding windows makes any space look larger. This encourages actual growth within your business, too, since humans have a natural tendency to want to “take up space.” An open space encourages brainstorming, the desire to grow and a thriving community.

Not all windows are created equally, and regular maintenance can make a huge difference. Window upgrades can help with insulation while lowering utility bills, improving UV protection and seriously upping your curb appeal. Contact Murray Glass, Utah’s local business glass experts, for a commercial glass upgrade or maintenance.

Caring for Commercial Windows

Commercial Window Care

Choosing and maintaining commercial windows is vastly different from the process necessary for residential windows. For starters, most commercial windows take up a lot more space — which means having suitable thickness, insulation and “greenness” is critical. Single-pane glass that isn’t eco-friendly is going to leak air and may prove too tempting for an opportunistic burglar. Plus, many windows may qualify for green tax credits (check with your CPA as the IRS standards change each year). However, installing Energy Star or other approved green windows in a commercial property might seem costlier up front, but can ultimately even out or even save your business money when tax season arrives.

Commercial windows also require faster repairs and better maintenance. In a residential home, a wayward baseball that crashes through a second-floor window can be addressed with a Band-Aid fix (such as a board over the window) until a glass shop’s business hours resume. That’s not an option for business properties. Broken glass is an invitation for criminal activity, and many commercial spaces have expensive goods and equipment that need protection.

Care Tips

Your business’ windows are often the only barrier between your store, office or industrial area and the outdoors. They’re protecting you from the elements, vandals, thieves and squatters. They also serve as a first impression. What’s more impressive: a stone façade with no windows, or a bright building full of sparkling clean windows? The choice is obvious.

One of the most important decisions you can make, after window selection and professional installation, is the quality of your routine window cleaners. Weekly cleaning is necessary, top to bottom, and daily touchups as well. Fingerprints, scratches, hairline cracks and smudges all tell passersby, employees and customers that you’re unprofessional. Glass requires regular maintenance not just for optimal safety, but for optimal looks.

Annual Maintenance

It’s best to schedule an annual inspection for you glass just like you would for your water heater or major appliances. Aim for an autumn or spring inspection, since the glass will have just withstood the most extreme weather shifts. You may have issues you can’t spot from your vantage point. Many times a small chip can be quickly repaired (often for a nominal fee), but if you let it go, it may suddenly turn into a major issue.

You and your business are only as good as your curb appeal, and in many cases glass makes up the bulk of it. For all your commercial glass needs, from repairs to upgrades, rely on Murray Glass.

What to Expect with 24-Hour Emergency Glass Services

Emergency Glass Service

You will undoubtedly need 24-hour emergency glass services if your business has been damaged or vandalized in the middle of the night, but what can you expect from the emergency service technician who arrives? It depends on the extent of the damage, the type of glass or mirrors you need, and the weather conditions at the time (it’s pretty tough to properly repair a glass storefront in a hailstorm!). However, 24-hour emergency glass is guaranteed to keep your property protected at least until new, permanent glass can be installed. This is one so-called Band-Aid solution that truly works.

Many pieces of commercial glass and mirrors are custom-made for your business, so the same matching piece might not be readily available in the size you need. However, a temporary solution that’s just as durable can keep your business looking presentable — and more importantly, keep it secure. Many businesses depend on glass and mirrors to increase visibility, the appearance of size, luxury appeal and natural light. Unfortunately, a severe storm or a determined vandal can instantly destroy the looks of your business.

The Repair Pro is on the Way — Now What?

Repair professionals will give you a time frame for when they will arrive, though in the middle of the night it will likely be quick. You’ll need a ballpark estimate of the size of the crack, the size of the pane and of course the location. Depending on the circumstances, it may not be safe to wait by the broken glass. Stay somewhere nearby, and your repair pro will call you when they arrive. They’ll come equipped with all the tools necessary to make the repair.

How long does it take? Every situation is unique. However, your space is safe while being repaired, and it’s just as durable with the temporary or new permanent glass. Keep in mind that you might have existing interior damage, such as broken shards, other debris or stolen equipment. You’ll need to take care of this damage, hire a separate crew to do it or have your team handle it when they arrive.

Ready for an Upgrade?

Many commercial property owners use damaged glass as an excuse to upgrade. You may want to opt for a stronger, thicker piece this time around, mix glass with mirrors or consider adding a security film for added protection. Tinting your glass is another way to ward off burglars – if they can’t see the goods inside easily, they’ll likely move on to another target. Talk with your repair professional about the best upgrade for you and your business.

The goal of 24-hour emergency glass services is to get you back to business as usual as quickly as possible. Any time of day or night, urgent services are just a phone call away. Keep Murray Glass’ 24-hour emergency services phone number handy so you’re prepared for any glass emergency.

Commercial Glass Repair Musts

Commercial Glass

Commercial glass repair differs from residential repair in several ways. Commercial glass has multiple functions, including keeping employees and visitors safe, serving as a focal point to bring more business to your company, and providing security, like glass storefronts reinforced to keep burglars out. If you own commercial property and need glass repair, there’s no room to procrastinate. Like attracts like, and an issue like a big crack in a storefront window can lead to vandalism and an instant decrease in the value of your business.

You shouldn’t trust just anyone with your repairs, especially if your glass is customized for business use. Glass that’s extra sturdy, customized, equipped with a sealant or film, or etched or detailed is much more challenging to repair. Ideally, businesses should research a local commercial glass repair expert and build a relationship before they need an urgent repair. Otherwise, it’s too convenient and tempting to choose the first repair shop you find.

Common Commercial Problems

In a home, it’s feasible to have a stunning display case where items are only touched when you dust. That’s not the case in a commercial space. Employees and customers alike might be constantly touching the glass, not being careful with it or accidentally breaking it. Commercial is a much more aggressive environment, and no matter how high the quality of your workers and customers, nobody is going to handle your glass with kid gloves like you do.

Chips and cracks are unfortunately a common occurrence in commercial spaces. Plus, businesses face higher levels of vandalism and burglary attempts, particularly if a majority of the access points are glass. Commercial glass exposed to higher traffic, and hiring a cleaning service that prioritizes its preservation is a good move, as is focusing on eco-friendly cleaning services, since those cleaning materials are much gentler than chemical-laden alternatives.

Your Must-Have Checklist

When you need commercial glass repair (it’s likely not an if), keep a few necessities in mind:

  • Location: The glass repair shop should be local and offer reasonable on-site services if applicable. You can’t always bring in your damaged product, so you may need on-site repair. Choose a professional who works around your location’s needs.
  • Emergency services: If a storefront window breaks during Christmas week, that doesn’t mean thieves are taking a vacation, too. A reputable company should provide emergency and urgent services.
  • Specialists: If you have a special request, such as an iconic antique mirror in your reception hallway that needs repairs, don’t trust this unique piece to just anyone. Select a repair service with expertise in that material.

In the Salt Lake City area, businesses are lucky to have a premium service provider in the neighborhood. Call Murray Glass for all your commercial glass repair needs.